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  1. I would come back to play if they merged ... thats all ill say
  2. It might not be the end for most but it is for me Wish me luck 😬🤞
  3. Free ap gear best idea ever that person should get a raise
  4. Israphel is empty can't play an MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER GAME with two people
  5. Wtf is a Zarbi and why should i care for his opinion over the multitudes saying the opposite?
  6. We are not thats the point of this thread ... jfc are you stupid??
  7. Israphel is in a death spiral merge or risk losing a good chunk of the player base ..
  8. No , I meant the healing potions that were bought with abyss points and have a different cooldown than the regular ones
  9. I've been trying to find an npc for them and have had no success I also went through the patch and couldn't find anything... is there an npc to purchase them or did they do away with them this patch... o.0 Thanks in advance ~
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