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  1. idk if its possible to get almost 25 k def plus he wasn't feared all the time to get that 2 k def
  2. magic attack 23.5 k pvp attack 1377 sad life man its not about glad i kill full geared glads easily just silence burry take off their armor that give 1 k fear resist 1 fear they done ...
  3. so i found this glad ive never seen before i hit him like i have no gear im full geared iddhm/pfhm ulti form full cubics and a decent collections all dazz without saying he was full debuffed with all my debuffs so atleast -3500 magical def i hit him like i have no gear at all ;D well he was red on meter so he is animation hacker but ive never seen such def in my life i fought a lot of full geared glads and i can burst them so fast thats a first for me thats why im confused
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