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  1. uhh i see well he famous of hacking .... i just pew pew anything i see if i don't get 2 shotted first
  2. so i was pvping in inggi and i saw a guy called Soup ranger KT-A with +15 paragon bow as u see in ss a lot of visual bugs these days man as u see on top the purple glow same as devil and simpok .. im getting a lot of visual bugs these days ;D
  3. those 2 parts won't give you a 80 % crit u know right and we alr saw the purple glow on the other pic u have a +15 harp and plz stop with the visual bug its embarrassing plus u doing more crit than a full geared sw with T3 anomos harp explain this to me? 2 +9 paragon parts won't give u that @Devil-KT
  4. not any sw a sw with a harp +9 and "few parts" as he said +9
  5. them visual bugs man LOOOOOOOOOL thats a joke just plz stop embarrassing urself devil atleast say u found on broker and u don't know anything about it thats a better story ;D
  6. teach me senpai ye probably
  7. he always with some random spiritmaster they both using animation hacks but the sm is 2 shots and barely do any dmg ;D so if i find him op next time i can figure what happened lol
  8. ye the same thing happened to me he takes no dmg it took me 3 hrs to kill him using all the shiti had bg / hp from mobs / 3 fears / silence 4 times / divine skill however he apeared on my meter red so he is animation hacker for sure the thing im curiuos about is that happened to me like 2 days ago or smth and i made a post about it in forums and he alr changed his name LOOL hackers these days man
  9. idk if its possible to get almost 25 k def plus he wasn't feared all the time to get that 2 k def
  10. magic attack 23.5 k pvp attack 1377 sad life man its not about glad i kill full geared glads easily just silence burry take off their armor that give 1 k fear resist 1 fear they done ...
  11. so i found this glad ive never seen before i hit him like i have no gear im full geared iddhm/pfhm ulti form full cubics and a decent collections all dazz without saying he was full debuffed with all my debuffs so atleast -3500 magical def i hit him like i have no gear at all ;D well he was red on meter so he is animation hacker but ive never seen such def in my life i fought a lot of full geared glads and i can burst them so fast thats a first for me thats why im confused
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