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  1. Our group is not getting Heart Boxes ! Just one person per end boss and very few from rubbish mobs and then its only 1 box for one person ???? Come on guys Step it up and fix this soon !
  2. You can hope for a explanation, I am demanding one ! And so should everyone else! Also retard is a bad work to use. I say I'm going More Drunk Frat Boy. I am however letting the accusations fly !!!!
  3. I bet we get some lame ass reason why that happened and you are right how many other players on there side have gear they should not have , because they work for Ncsoft or GM/CM or hell just one of the GM's are there friends ?
  4. https://gyazo.com/64594338955642212a0ec596debc9f03 This is from our server showing a Elyos reviving a weapon that should not even be possible! Our GM's and people who work for NcSoft play Elyos and there for give all perks , hacks too there side. This being one that needs to be resolved. Come on Elyos using weapons that should not be on our server is total BS. Everyone who can post please do.
  5. So I have read a few other post and the net for any answers. I have reinstalled , turn my anti-virus programs off while downloading. Did not work ! Deleted the XginCode and try the repair tool , that did not work. I am out of options at the moment, anyone know any other methods I could use or do I need to wait till Ncsoft fixes the issue ?
  6. Hi, old player coming back to the game, only problem is Aion will not load after the launcher. After a few seconds I get a Error message Cannot regist XignCode Module ! Can anyone help me out?
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