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  1. Game won't start after changing to aion.bin.old ???

    so there is realy no fix for this ??? i tryed reinstall but that didnt worked T^T
  2. Hey guys as the title is mentioning I have a problem I changed the aion.bin to aion.bin.old but the game won't start it shows me the aion picture for a phew se onds and then wel it ain't starting. I added to my exception list both antivirus and firewall.i changed the compatidly to windows 8 basically everything but the game won't start. any fix for this I realy much appreciate it
  3. Aion Crashes After Launch?

    hey Cheescake i tryed your tips but aion still dousnt starts it gives me the same issue as Birb =/
  4. Aion Game Client has stopped working

    @Vantheria yeah i did exactly what you sayed change the Aion.bin to Aion.bin.old but after i clicked on play now it only show the aion picture then it is not running the game =/.yes i put the compatidly on windows 8 and yes i launched it as adminstrator i tryed reinstalling to but no luck
  5. XIGNCODE3 Issue Request Thread

    hey i have a question idk if its similira to this but i Always get the error cannot regist xigncode module error.is there any fix i tryed puttin an exception on firewall but it didnt worked and im not using avg or Norton but windows defender antivirus anyhow are there any fixes or tips ????