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  1. I've literally never seen anyone white knight a game more in my life than you lol. At this point I'm honestly convinced you're employed by NC to be on the forums. I don't know how you even have time to play it when you're in every thread defending the game from any criticism. You are an actual real life version of this meme.
  2. You know what's extremely annoying to most people? Not being able to see the character the designed unless they constantly give NCScam money. The posts are common because people hate it and want their voices heard.
  3. I've yet to make up my mind. I came to the forum asking if there was a reason they did this and I am being vocal about my distaste for it so far. It's pretty rational for people to go onto a games public forum to ask questions and voice their opinions.
  4. It takes like 6-12 hours to get them. I do not understand this at all. They used to be instant and now they take 1/4 to 1/2 a day to get. I've never seen any other game in the history of MMO's that sell currency but don't give it to you right when you are charged. NCsoft is becoming a literal joke.
  5. Back to there roots is deleting half the game and forcing transformations on people so they can't see their character without a scroll? What?
  6. I have not as I'm not EU lol but I am fully aware of how terrible it is there. With my comment I'm more focused on how bad NCwest is latley with hardcore pushing cash shop. Lineage 2 classic is just terrible because of it so I came here and now I see they did the exact same thing. Maybe it really is time to just stop with anything NCsoft touches at this point.
  7. Then create a classic server and have that there. I do not understand the need to take things away that people have used for 75% of the games life. If they wanted to vastly change the game so much why not just make a whole new game and keep aion as it was.
  8. It's been a confirmed bug? Just because other regions have it doesn't mean that they didn't take it out for us. NCWest is legendary for doing stuff like this so they can force you more into the cash shop for more money.
  9. Is there a reason they took speed scrolls and boots out of the game? I feel so damn slow now. I understand you can use transformations(which is so annoying) but I don't understand why they took out the original things.
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