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  1. Have you guys ever thought on a class change ticket?i believe switching to an entire new character would be difficult, but how about in between specializations, such as sorcerer being able to switch to Spirit master and vise versa?, would really love it being implemented in a future, thanks.
  2. Just here to support the guy, Aileen , I’ve seen him personally farm 7-8 even more Thant that , hours a day , how I know? Ive actually play with him and talk on discord while doing so, the dude has no life whatsoever lol, but I do believe he got ban by mistake due to NCSOFT bot, I don’t know if this post will even make you guys change your mind about the ban, but one thing is certain, the game is dying and rapidly doing so, you can’t afford to lose any more players, do the smart choice, be better , unban the account. Sullivan, EK. PD: buff the coin drops on the Shugo emperor event ‘-‘
  3. already did, but thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Oh, so that's whats going on, thanks for the reply
  5. Just went by to check, didn't receive the code
  6. So as i recall, on the old website, it stated we would be getting a code to claim some stuff upon the arrival of 6.0, i never received the code.
  7. So when i came back, on the old website it stated that upon the arrival of 6.0 players would receive a free costume + 2x transformation contracts.... didn't get anything, was just wondering if i have to claim it in a specific way or we aren't getting anything, thanks.
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