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  1. Cyan wher is the Double EXP ? i see just 100% o this meen Double for you ? 6 Double EXP will be activated for one week.
  2. lol and yes that think that Johngunmad-KT say (NEED TO SUSPEND HOUSING UNTIL THIS ISSUE IS FIXED, OTHERWISE I WILL MAKE YOU PAY!) dont sound to good but i think she wont to tell another think and is sound like a WARNING so John corect your worlds !!
  3. Cyan 1 week with latecy now the event dont have at lest 1- Omega ? the event is fine for me but at lest place some omega in the drop pls !!
  4. well u right with the first disconect just fk up a entry to Fissure so no XP .... bad is that no stuff answer and dont care .,...
  5. well u can wait alot off time to fix somthing the NCSoft dont care any more for the players they just joke with the players like 7h mantenimient and all go wors that before !!!...
  6. wtf all the time 7 hours ? seems that the NCSoft stuff in the last months tell story to the servers to get to sleep .fk this all the time 7h and a shet in the game so explain me what u do in 7h ? singing a playlist to the servers ? is a shit waiting 7h for somthing that can be done in 1h wtf ...
  7. Realy this is what i mean .. far i see no Ncsoft stuff will answer but i invite them to play as new players o old players that need Kinah to buy potions , Scrools , ETC ... This seems normal for the NCsoft Stuff ? This is all the shet from 150 mobs lol killed more that 5000 and no item always the same shit no fk item not 2 o 3 ... Shame NCSoft So Again NCSoft Stuff i invite u to play and make kinah with this shet to buy potion o to craft with no kinah !! then the NCSoft cry that in the server have half off the players that have 3 o 4 years ago .. who have t
  8. lol yah not instances world mobs 4 days kill more that 7000 mobs no item so no meens 0 items just shit that drop withouth buff lol !! sad NCsoft bery sad !!
  9. well they can ban the bots for that have the ban system ... i think they shold do somtthing for the players and fk the lamers and that use bots ... !!
  10. the think is that beter without a fake event that with one that the ppl think that can make somthing , a lie is always a lie !!
  11. for what u make a avent with 50% drop and 100% from a buff if deleted the drop fro, the mobs . in 2 days killed more that 3000 mobs and suprize no fk way not a thing not a armor not a sheet o just shhet that the NCSoft left like a fk drop .. Take fk out the fake events .. if u delete the drop no use to place a event with 50% drop o more .. this is a sittttttttttttt. who agre ?
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