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  1. I am not asking for player names or how you guys investigate it. We need to know the amount of players banned. We need to know if all items were removed regardless of how they were purchased or acquired. Even some transparency will go a long way considering this issue is legit game breaking.
  2. Nah nah nah. There has to be a full explanation of what happened and what kind of punishments were issued. Full transparency. Don’t give us the typical we can’t give details. FULL TRANSPARENCY.
  3. @Devil-KT*There, you and your fellow Daeva Rangers will earn the spoils of your efforts – including the newly-minted Event Coins which persist from one Event to another!* Pretty sure there is more than that.
  4. @Kibbelz What are the rewards of Wicked Gracheni’s Vault boxes?
  5. you have to consider altar times so 10pm est should not be an option available
  6. Thank you cyan for showing some interest on us when no one else did ????. Now we are back again to one yearly post from the CM.
  7. It was about time you guys nyerked every single ranking. I don't understand how a maintenance that has no changes to the patch nyerks with the ranking lol
  8. Give us stigma enchantment buff. How do we go a whole patch without being able to obtain them?
  9. I guess we have to leave our clients on for 24 hours??? Doesn't the game automatically dc you after 24 hours?So what you are saying makes no sense. Also imagine getting an interactive event where we actually run an event instance with actual rewards. Guess this is the event till May guys. Next event rainbow snake woohooo
  10. Have you maybe considered that you are a walking trashcan and thats why you cant do it? It already gives you 15% attack. Just get better
  11. Below i will describe what the current event states. Opening Amorinerk's Gift Box will allow you to select one item from the following list; Ancient Transformation Contract (19 Types) 100% Success Ultimate Enchantment Stone Selection Box 35M Kinah Ultimate Engraved Manastone Selection Box (x5) [Event] Grade A Minion Contract (5 Types) (x2) I purchased the Amorinerk's Gift Box and i tried to select the selectable box. But the box is not what described on the event page. Instead it contains a <Ultimate Engraved Manastone Box> which gives a r
  12. The real question here is how did you lose to a group of 6?
  13. I am amazed. You are replying to us during your time off. WOW POGGERS
  14. yas dude. Let me invite you in the ally when the boss is 25% after dpsing for 40min. Yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  15. just do what people did with EA. Cancel your subs. I for sure did lol
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