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  1. Poor them working hard to figure out a solution. Keeping the community updated(not). Oh i forgot. They dont work weekends so they dont need to check the forum on their lunch break.
  2. I didnt bother reading your essay. You are nobody that doesnt represent the community at all. Especially if you are an Aeros friend. Go pursue professional gameplay at rocket league and not aion. Also the fact that you made a different post seeking attention disgusts me. Bye. Like anyone cares about you.
  3. Also how do u know the economy of the servers? Or you measure it with ncoins bought per server? You dont even know how the game you manage is played. Since the economy is stable atm where the nyerk are the level reduction stones mr. gideon? You know that pvp gear is level 80 right? You know cap level is 75 right? Not like i expect a reply since you guys already probably clocked out for the day. Thanks for wasting our with a post made on you lunch break. Have fun in bns and league.
  4. You guys are a nyerkjng joke lol. Force league loot? You guys didnt read anything. Bunch of nyerks.Change prices? Oh yahhhh. So what about people that already bought their stuff? Economy problems? How about johngotmad and his nyerk personal gm having 100s of fking +12 stones? You guys are nyerking joke. Close it down. Pathetic. See ya again in 4 months Gideon with another producers letter. Like we give a nyerk.
  5. I really feel for all of you in here typing and expecting a reply from cyan,hime or gideon. You guys need to realize they dont care about aion. They post 2 replies in random threads once a week. They post the weekly maintance once a week and thats it. Your best bet is cyan checking the forum during his lunch break. You guys really thing they wont change the npc? Omegas gonna be 100coins with temperings 150. Loot is gonna be group. We got screwed. You should know by now not to expect anything that benefits the community. Gl boiz and girlz. At least we get to keep our coins. haHAAA. Also dont wo
  6. How pathetic can you guys be with removing the npc because of a screw up you guys were responsible. For once accept the blame on you. Cyan did they take you off dinner to make this post. Since you guys dont give a nyerk about this community. With producers letters once every year saying you gonna focus more on community. I expect a full compensation for the 11 hours i farmed in the eye. Also ninja remove the npc. Pathetic. PA here we come.
  7. @CyanCan we get some more details on this event? Is the loot global for killing sunyaka?
  8. I like making people angry like you. Its just too easy.
  9. ohhhhh you poor babies got crucipotted on?deal with it. I will make sure i have one saved for each of you.
  10. he is tired getting shitted on by no warm up. I guess he has no friends to play with. feelsbadman
  11. Who gives a nyerk about EC. How about we talk about not having an event AGAIN.
  12. You clearly have no clue of this game. Unistall
  13. If you actually had a clue how the game is played cyan you would know that 3 UNTRADABLE LEVEL REDUCTION STONES are worthless. But i dont expect you to know so its fine. Im so glad im using my 20 luna from the event btw. So much C A S H
  14. OKKKKK. Where are the level reduction stones??? Can you guys for once listen to us? New gear is lvl80. Level reductions were last put in the kumuki event. Can you guys add them to this at least?????????????????????????? Apollon Weapon Box Apollon Armor Box LULLLLLL
  15. Where are the extra prizes we won as a community? What is the exact number we got?Or you guys skipped that part?(probably gonna get a response in a week when they decide to open aion forums on their lunch break)
  16. It would be great if you guys changed the deals. 50$ for 20 temperings in way overpriced. Even making it 30 would be great. Give it a thought. Thanks
  17. yeah i love it when you tickle me in Evergale.
  18. Even china had it with +5 enchant. But not NA has to be 7 LUL
  19. So we need +7 pvp accessories to upgrade our accessories? But for the armor we need +10? You guys have legit no idea how the game is played or works. PATHETIC. But for pve gear we need +5. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. LOGIC
  20. Minion function is broken. Cant change anything in it. http://prntscr.com/gzl19n
  21. You guys planning on fixing this this year?
  22. Cyan can we start getting those on events? We are the only region that we have to bcm them.
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