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  1. I think you need to wait for enemies coming through those portals. They will appear with spiritualist you need to kill. After you kill him, that weapon in the middle will destroy a gate in front of it. This is how it worked for me.
  2. Thanks for help. I knew about Pernon quests, but I can't do them anyway, because of low skill lvl. √(-_-)
  3. I was stuck here too and didn't have a single idea how to defeat this godamn dragon. I get killed multiple times. Try this guy, his video hepled me get through. (If u don't mind spoilers )
  4. So, I created a new character, and wanted to make her good in essencetapping. However, I couldn't find any herbs, minerals or whatever I need for it. I'm over lvl 10 now, and it doesn't matter how hard I'm searching around locations, just no sign of any materials (except for Pernon). Do anyone know how it works after that 13h long update? Thank you for any tips ^^ (Ps:I miss Altgard.)
  5. So, I'm doing 77lvl Campaign quest "Who you Rith?" and have to 'Study the Elios main route'. I'm so comfused what to do now. Like, should I just stand on one spot for a while, or use something? I'm feeling stupid. Thanks for help
  6. I think I was stuck on that mission too, but can't remember now how i completed it. Can u post screenshot of that mission along with map?? I might remember ^^
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