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  1. i want to know if ll be F2P for real..I mean..no limitations
  2. have some date for this to be implemented, it's been almost 1 month.
  3. The solution is simple... remove the obscene taxes that exist, and create a margin for each item, so that no one can overvalue or devalue the item. so it will end the server inflation ... and if possible it would be interesting to connect the broker of both servers .. to increase the variety of item
  4. Hi there. @Kibbelz, @Hime It may seem useless, this is something that being very honest, would change my life and / or the lives of many other players, having a cube exclusively for equipment. I say this because despite having the 5 cubes (1 standard + 4 buying) opened I feel a lot of space, because I occupy almost 2 complete cubes only with equipment. Ex Being a cleric, I need to have a set for everything I do, if I am going to heal an instance, I will need a healing set, If i want to do my thing in the world as a quest or solo instance, I need a PvE damage set , do a pvp healing, then
  5. another possibility would be if the drop of shard in the world were like this. world mob - great chance to drop ancient shard, reasonable chance to drop legendary shard. instances mobs - reasonable chance of ancient shard, great chance of legendary shard, low chance of ultimate shard. bosses (instance and world) - great chance of legendary shard, reasonable chance of ultimate shard.
  6. Omg! If they correct everything you said here, I will have a slight orgasm!
  7. I've played aion since 3.5, and since then I can say some things that amaze me about the game, as well as things that make me deeply angry. ● I believe that the first case would be the extreme RNG that has the game, basically everything in the game is based on the RNG, from the loot to the possibility of socketing a manastone. This is frustrating, as it is public knowledge, the RNG does not play on your team. you need a lot of stufs to be able to reach your goal. like to charm a stigma or a weapon .. ● the excess of PAY TO WIN event. I understand that the server needs to survive some
  8. i want to know why we can use Stellium inside instance but Titan Coin not?
  9. I want to know how to get stone grade B. i do minion vault and only get grade A and S.
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