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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 29, 2020

    Also, We are waiting for any info or news on "Manastone Mayhem" Event
  2. Coming back after three years

    please need help, @Cheesecake-DN @Arhangelos-KT coming back to Aion: Noob Question: About Ranger Life Leeching skills (absorving HP from mobs) I find just one ranger skill: Soul-Boosting grabing 50% damage as hp. But when fighting Bosses this cooldown is too long. Is there any other ranger Life leech skills or stigma beside that one? We have perceived Glads have 3 vampiric skills for example.
  3. All Pandora quests and raids will be removed in upcoming 7.5 patch. Currently all legendary pandora gear set in 7.3 is equal as Windstream Quests gears basically, as you already received when reaching level 80. Aion 7.7 patchnotes (recently translated from korean into english). Here's what we have learnt so far: The New Accessory Enchantment System will be added, called Odian New Rune Enchantment System will be added. New armor slot & equipment called Glyph Accessories can now be contaminated. If so, they cannot be enchanted any more. New Purification System added to the game. Many instances and dungeons will be removed including Besh Temple and Holy Tower (Frozen Monolith) for example. New 6 players-level 80 dungeons will be added. More Arena PVP, and instanced tournaments will be added. Classic Rifts will be returning into Aion. Both sides asmo and elyos. New Set Armor will be added, called Extreme or Supreme for n.a. server translations, and its parts will be tradeable. New Fame System will be added into the game. The more fame the player has, more access to items he/she can buy. New Regions and maps will be added into the game. Players can earn fame points by killing mobs and doing pvp activities in several regions. Many 7.0 dungeons difficulties will be reduced. New types of enchament stones will be added into the game. New Minions will be also be added into the game.
  4. 1 Kinah Retuning??

    finally, Time for an updated version Red Code Event since we are in quarantine. (updated 7.3 major healing potions are welcome and needed)
  5. Returning player

    @Cheesecake-DN Which NPC or place you grab the Demaha Outlaw Weekly Quest?
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 29, 2020

    Dear @Cyan please extend the event, we are still in Quarantine playing Aion
  7. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - October 25, 2018

    @Cyan With those unscheduled maintenances & server shutdown, our Luna Daily Missions Entries were destroyed, ruined and wasted because of it. When servers get back online, please don't forget to reset today's entries. Thank you.