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  1. Ok Its not bot kicking, there is 1 person always active and like 5-10 bots from same or his friends actively looting flowers. if someone says that kick bot they kick he person. Sorry for bad engrish hope you understand what i'm trying to say
  2. Hello Everyone, After these bots many times for few weeks i still saw them farming event and these guys are like mafia's in game kick anyone and invite anyone to their alliance. I reported to aion support team and reply i get that they are investigating the matter, how much time it takes you to ban these people. @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime Please resolve this issue as paragon issue was resolved . Thanks in advance. Video below is attached for refrence.
  3. When will you remove your broker bots from oriel? already got few banned but your jumping and new one everyday.
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