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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    Nothing worse than waking up, getting a coffee and something to eat, and try to log in to do something fun after the reset, just to see "You are being disconnected from the gameserver"
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 21, 2018

    You guys complain for everything instead of finding a solution for the problems you are supposed to solve alone. Everyone in this thread is like these ungeared newbs in some games that ask for help to finish their quest/kill NPCs/etc... Enchant rate sucks? Then you should be enchanting passively, you don't need to enchant gear to get ultimate PvP gear neccesarily, since you can craft ultimate PvP gear. Crafted gear is there for a reason; to fill the gap between the very geared people and the ones who are starting. The ultimate genesis gear is *end game* gear, you are not supposed to have a full set of that in 2-3 months. People reading this would then complain saying "But crafting sucks too! The rates for critical are too low!". If you keep trying and you play enough, you can easily obtain the full ultimate master crafted set in 1-2 months. I already crafted 6 ultimate master pieces by myself. With that set socketed and enchanted a bit, you can easily stand against the people who got the exchange gear from 5.8 and beat a good portion of them. There is a solution for the kinah problem too, and that is saving kinah. With the current economics mechanics, there is a lot of deflation, and it's for everyone. It's not like you are being punished and at disadvantage in relation to other players. We are all under the same mechanics, it's affecting everyone. But instead of saving kinah selling overpriced stuff, people come to this forum, complain, and ask for more kinah. Do you believe having more kinah would give you an advantage in the economy? It would be the same for the broker, since we would all have more kinah and thus there would be more inflation, it's stupid. It would only affect your interaction buying things that have a fixed price by the NPCs or the gold shop, and that's not the problem so far. The broker fees, the gold shop that sells potions/food/etc, among other things, are there to control the inflation and let new players have a chance against the old players who have participated for a long time in the economy of the game. Also, people asking to be able to buy shards.. The game is forcing you to get shards farming because that's needed to keep a healthy economy in relation to the guiding stones, since those are needed to make the ultimate pvp gear and thus fill the potential gaps between the players, and also to purify the genesis gear. Developers didn't design this update with arbitrary decisions, everytime you people ask for NCsoft to change something like adding more kinah, it changes the balance fixing some stuff but breaking others. Think! ffs!xD