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  1. Reset

    Everyone running to go inside their brand new house Ncsoft: And.... shut down now
  2. Reset

    Looks like it was just for EK server lmao , NCsoft: Alright guys I think we are done raking in the money from this server, time to shut it down boysss
  3. Reset

    Someone at ncsoft accidentally sit on the server reset button? Lol
  4. In Memory of Instagib

    Damn.. I'm sorry to hear that, my condolences Hopea.. I found it strange you 2 disappeared off the face of the planet and stopped logging on discord too.. Me and Gib go back to 1.5 days he was part of our static in Team Amazing for a good while up until we ended in bad terms of things he did towards me... coming back to 6.0 after being away from the game since he made me quit I had remember seeing him and I still held a little grudge but ended up talking to him and surprisingly he said he was sorry almost right away for doing what he did and I told him I forgave him and wanted to bring him back into our group static again and just leave the past in the past because he was a cool guy and enjoyed playing with him and he was a good player. I'm glad I got to talk to him again and got to make peace with him.. RIP Gib -Sorain
  5. Lets have a talk friends EK free gear

    Would really hate to know some people are getting that free winged champion gear on a server that's supposed to be new... hopefully they respond..