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  1. It's a well known bug for this event. They didn't hack or do anything inappropriate. Calm your tits.
  2. I'm actually really enjoying this event! The rewards are nice and varied and the enchantment supps are really helpful for the untradeable omegas we get on alts. This is honestly nice enough that I think I can get my cleric a PVP set again. I'd say it helps lessen the annoyance at how the Tia event was handled. Anyway, no complaints, I really am enjoying this one.
  3. Break the rules and get banned. Wild concept.
  4. We are fools. It wasn't the Russians at all! It was the Koreans the entire time!
  5. I'm really enjoying the people who are blaming other players for the high prices. Because grinding the event like it was intended is OBVIOUSLY what got us this bullshit outcome, not the NA branch of NCSoft disassociating from their player base. They're nyerking flinging themselves off into space while the rest of us sit here wondering how the hell they managed to nyerk this one up.
  6. This is somehow worse than anyone thought it would be. Fantastic! Wonderful! Never thrown a tantrum over this game's shitty management before but I think I'm gonna join the bandwagon and unsub and wait for Archeage. o/
  7. 100 for a soulstone is bullshit, so i get 10 for farming as often as I did? I spent more time farmign than time I would be in Evergale getting the exact same reward. What the shit.
  8. If this is the case, why not say so? Again, 90 nyerking percent of the issues people have had during this event has stemmed from poor communication. Any reasonable player understands why they despawned the NPC. We were annoyed, but it made sense. Now we're pissed because there's no communication and we're just waiting to get screwed over.
  9. Really. How hard is it to communicate with your player base? We just want to know the cost and we want to know how hard we're going to get nyerked over. Confirmed where?
  10. I am going to have to politely disagree with you on how that AT looks. It's terrifying, some Steven King level shit right there. Keep it out of NA please.
  11. Pet peeve: people who talk on the bus to work when the rest of us are trying to get a 40 minute nap in. Nyerkholes. (Not a pet peeve: this forum apparently does not censor bad words.)
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