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  1. It's so ironic @Cyan, as this is so true regarding Aion NA.
  2. @Aieryn-DN The elyos weren't slated as the good guys, never. Neither the asmo as the bad ones. No faction is good or evil, exception being the balaur, those are the only ones who're actually evil. Elyos and asmos just have different perspectives. Don't try to argue, I know lore. 🤣 Asmos have in general a more pvp-oriented playerbase and mature players, from what I saw in all these years of playing in retail servers and p-servers ( playing since 3.0). Ok, it's been a very long time since I played retail, stopped in fact, so maybe things changed these days.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    As long as they make money from stupid whales and naive ppl (sorry, hate me), they will keep milking this game, make coins untradeable, in the case of this event for example, and put them in cash shop , so these players feed them money while they're laughing their asses off and continue like this. Again, sorry. The company won't change its attitude, dw. It's funny af they'll fix this ''issue", while actual issues are ignored. It's clear they don't want to make THEIR players, who FEED THEM money so they are PAID ( for nothing), happy. But nothing new here. It feels great knowing I stopped playing eons ago. But I'm watching this forum from time to time, having the abysmal hope thing would change someday, for the better.
  4. @Cyan - Transformation System

    Being at the transformation subject... How to get legendary transformation contracts?...
  5. Jhyatsu Play for Fun!

    Still level 72 dude? For the 3rd time, nobody cares for your returning. The reason you're creating these useless threads is either you seek attention or want to let ppl know you're a designer, good for you. Or both 😆
  6. Survey

    They're mostly ignoring the community and don't give a crap about players. Communication is 0 on forums. Any suggestion on this forum to make the game better is ignored. This is the situation since forever. The mod log in only to post info about the maintenance. Very rare replying to threads. Thought you should know these things while thinking of returning.
  7. Things I do miss from the past

    I miss Aion pre-4.8. Good there are pservers for that haha.
  8. Jhyatsu - Legion Phoenix Order - lvl 6

    This guy is hilarious. Dude, I tell you again, nobody cares. And nobody cares you're a designer either.
  9. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    Right in 4.8? You missed one of the great eras of this game 4.0-4.7
  10. Sorry but I just can't resist, and I think every1 here is tired of me saying the same thing again and again, but: Why would you give them money for nothing? When you clearly see they do nothing and ignore you infinitely. Why support them? But the reason may be that ppl who love this game don't want to see it shut down. Perfectly understandable.
  11. Question about FREE Vandal’s Gear Pack Reward

    Wow, Cyan bothered to reply outside of maintenance announcements. The rewards are the crappiest lol, I mean berdin lucky star? Seriously? And armor set skin lol, at least on EU they gave painters actual armor parts. But still, it's not lucky Vinna.
  12. Cyan

    And is this good or bad? I think an internal conflict make its way to the community: should they continue to spend money so their beloved game won't get shut down or stop because ncshit doesn't deserve any cent from Aion players because they don't give a shit about them. Really, they are getting your money while laughing their asses off. This game doesn't even exist for them anymore from a loooong time. Too long.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    How many times do I need to say this ppl? The community is ignored and they don't deserve a cent!! Stop giving them money LOL! Stop spending for prestige! Dude, are you blind? You didn't see any suggestions on this forum? Lol. There were suggestions, but ofc were ignored, so players maybe stopped bothering in the end, which is understandable. Because yeah, it's in vain. Gameforge is infinitely better than these guys nowadays, can't be compared even ( maybe hard to believe for some ppl, but it's true), which is kinda the opposite from how the things were in the long past lol. It's long time since I touched Aion, just watching these forums. But today, 7.0 coming as well, I'm starting fresh on their servers, I live in EU as well so np ping. I used to play here because I hated Gameforge, but can't say the same now. Besides, I didn't see you on forums coming with suggestions and solutions. Either this, or you're a whiteknight. Hard to believe tho.
  14. Feedback to comunity

    And this will get ignored as well. Like all of the topics on this forum. Stop wasting your time. Every1 should know by now they don't care about the players.
  15. Why pay the 15$ monthly

    Oh alright, thanks for info 😁. Still, I edited the first post 22 min ago, and still can't again If I want.