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  1. 13 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    You might want to consider choosing the minion based on the skills it gives you. (Not saying that in a bitchy way lol.) Abija gives healing help, Hamerun and Saendukal are good for when you're in dps spec, and Karemiwen does reflect. However, you can see some of them here:


    Also, just take a look around at other players and you can see their minions following them around.

    Thanks for the link. I only choose Minions by appearance, they must look good together with the character, like, be of same color. It's still easier to do with pets for many colors, rather than with minions. Not all colors get their minions, :(

  2. On 12/2/2018 at 8:47 AM, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Whatever measure they took against bots, only hurts real people. People are trying to transfer materials from alts to their mains via broker and there are broker bots snatching everything faster than players and this creates an even bigger problem and gives kinah sellers a bigger advantage, they now sell to us our own materials they snatched and then sell the money on their sites.

    This is really a terrible problem! :(

  3. On 12/3/2018 at 11:32 AM, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    Yeah. I know of only 3 NCSoft employees atm (besides Aly and Shirayuki kappa): Cyan, Hime, and Gideon.

    All I know of Cyan is that he posts approx. 5 times a week on the forums. I figured he just was super busy or something but that's probably not the case since he has time to actually play the game and "[interact] with the community" as you said. I see the vast majority of posts @ at Cyan ignored but whatever.

    I don't really have a good impression of Hime or Gideon either based off the videos I've seen them in (e.g. the 6.2 preview video). They don't look like they have much knowledge or enthusiasm for the game.

    Where is that video, sorry, I didn't follow everything?

    I guess I also saw some couple of Elyos Ranger bots. I'm not sure of course whether they were bots, but they had a strange behaviour in pvp  - they never attacked my toons but only ran away and ran very long in the same circle, so my toons equipped in rather poor Archdaevic not enchanted pve gear eventually killed one of them :)

    NCSoft would better remove XIGNCode3 - the lag in the main place of Lakrum is incurable, crashes very often at teleport to home or to Luna, the effect against bots and hacks is useless.

  4. On 11/29/2018 at 0:44 AM, Psyweaver-KT said:

    Welcome To Aion

    Take flight as a winged warrior in the middle of a massive war in Aion, a stunning massively multiplayer online roleplaying game

    What is worse they are still giving flight prominence as a game mechanic when it literally no longer exists, more realistic would be:

    Welcome To Aion

    Take flight as a winged FURRY TOON in the middle of a ONCE A WEEK war in Aion, a stunning massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (as long as you like roleplaying as a cartoon character or have a penguin fetish)

    Take flight in Divine Siege? I thought, it was only gliding(while you cannot fight) and then fighting on the ground after landing. BTW how to get to it now?

    I totally agree it's a failure of Aion to take the flight away! Give us back normal flying siege as was on 5.x, especially early patches when we had pvp siege on all regular fortresses, no reset to the Balaur, when we had both siege and defense processes, and the fight was in the sky between Asmodians and Elyos! That was most beautiful! Also, we could group ourselves in alliances and leagues like we wanted, move characters between groups so friends and members of same legion could stay together, which was taken away when NCSoft implemented the Coalition!  Some lag was always there, but it didn't decrease, even oppositely, became more critical when they made the siege pve-only and in Coalition. I upgraded my computer but it didn't help to reduce the lag, the CPU was 13% busy in Norsvold and framerate=18! Then, the farther the worse - they cropped and "simplified" the game but the lag in Lakrum is still heavier than it was in Abyss on siege and Norsvold, it gives terrible glitches, stripes over the screen, characters become all gray, and my processor Intel i7-8700 is like below 20% busy instead of working! :( For whom do they do all of these stupid things?? For people with poor computers? For people who don't like to fly? For Rangers that complain that jump-shot doesn't work in flight, while 40 other skills work?? For simple-minded random new players? Do they really hope that people with poor computers and simple-minded random new players will buy anything on BCM??? People with poor computers won't buy anything because they are poor or not game-oriented (maybe they spend money on other things), random simple-minded new players will possibly come and go, will get afraid when seeing the lag and won't buy anything significant, again. But by betraying old devoted players NCSoft loses everything! :(

  5. 19 hours ago, Cyan said:

    Hey guys, I have a schedule for you all. Times are in server time.


    Arena of Discipline

    Days Times
    Monday - Sunday 8pm - 2 am

    Arena of Harmony

    Days Times
    Monday - Sunday 8pm - 2am

    Idgel Dome

    Days Times
    Tuesday 12pm - 2pm 
    8pm - 2am
    Friday 12pm - 2pm
    8pm - 2am
    Sunday 12pm - 2pm
    8pm - 2am

    Ashunatal Dredgion

    Days Times
    Monday 12pm - 2pm 
    8pm - 2am
    Thursday 12pm - 2pm 
    8pm - 2am
    Sunday 12pm - 2pm 
    8pm - 2am


    The current requirement is 1,450 per 4 weeks, but we are in discussion with the development team if this will need to be changed. If the times don't work we'd love to hear it. Please remember in two weeks time will be changing for us in the US so everything will be an hour earlier due to the servers not changing time.

    Thanks, but Dredgion is not every day, only 3 times a week, and 2 times each of those days instead of 3 :( Do you think there's too few people gathering for them and decided to make them more rare?

  6. 57 minutes ago, OshoRajneesh-KT said:

    I wanna jump into a black hole and go into a next world!! :( Besides the appearance problem (stupid transformations), they removed my Wind Mantra and Swiftwing! :( Songweaver lost Soaring Sonnet! Why do they deny us of important skills about flight?? It's not even combative skills, if they thought about equalizing diff classes in power! We spend much flight time while sprinting,VERY much, we need to restore it! Wind serums have long cooldowns! Songweaver was a wonderful class to sprint and fly together! Chanter was good too with Wind Mantra. Best things disappear! >:(:ph34r:

    I wanna jump into a black hole together with OshoRajneesh!

  7. Just now, Bryos-DN said:

    Ashunatal Dredgion wasnt removed. Its still there, just not sure of the timetable for it.

    Thanks :). Will there be that icon again, or another icon, or should I come to somwhere? Please post the schedule for it! 

  8. Where the nyerk is Dredgion? Or any other pvp instances?? I don't see that icon right from my skillbar that I used to apply to them. Did they remove Dredgion?? On no, or THROW THIS NYERKING GAME AWAY! Dredgion was my daily adrenaline! With massive disappearing locations I hoped Dredgion will be the only remaining thing for me to play, was I wrong?? 

  9. They took away our Axelerox, Blitzopan, Greater Raging Wind scrolls, etc - so we become slow like nyerk, and then they offer us stupid transformation scrolls to replace those stat scrolls - why the nyerk should I lose my character's appearance to run or fly faster, or to be more effective in combat?? Are they crazy? Sadists? Want to deny us our individual looks?? I hate transformations and always did (except Anubite, Graveknight, Pluma - cooked from looted essences - I used to gather 8 skeletons or 7 skeletons+Pluma, scintillating, to record videos of them dancing - before Xigncode appeared and now can gather not more than 4 toons:( ) Why don't I have the right to increase my speed (at least) without transforming into a standard stupid nyerking bastartd?? I don't want to look like that shit while pvping, so if my opponents transform they get such a great advantage over me so I can never win! :( THROW THIS NYERKING GAME AWAY, you disappoint me utterly!! :ph34r::x>:(:S