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  1. On 1/9/2019 at 3:56 AM, Cyan said:

    No changes have been made to spawn rates.

    I can say after running 4 alts pre Snowballs event. I got golden shugo 4 times and 2 red shugo's from 16 runs. But this week, I ran 17 runs and only twice red shugo, which one of them luckily dropped a legendary skill. I can say the spawn rate is not as before, but guess what? RNG is always here to blame for anything that seems odd.

    I think we are off requesting a boost in spawn rate which I believe is somewhere around 10% chance or less. Better than asking if it has been nerfed or not, because the obvious answer will be "Your RNG sucks"

  2. On 12/15/2018 at 6:58 AM, Lenalyn-DN said:

    Well... after almost 2 months, I still can't beat floor 10. It's like not even sorta kinda close for me. There's literally no chance at all. My SM has about 13k attack and 13k MA. All I can do is hit the mobs for non-existent damage as I slowly watch my HP reach 0.

    Same issue, with nearly same stats. At floor 10, the Assassin Shulack boss and her 4 sniper minion, take so little to no damage at all. I wonder what stats are required for us SMs to be able to advance more than this floor!

  3. 1 hour ago, TheStorm-KT said:

    No they weren't. 6.0 in KR had better rates already.

    I DARE ANY of the white knights or any of NCWEST team to say that we have the "same" enchantment rates as Korea as of now.

    Your lies are disgusting.

    NCWEST nerfed all rewards, all events, all enchantment rates for the sake of milking the loyal player base through their cash shop.

    NCWEST is the worst publisher to ever handle a MMO.

  4. Yes moo, pet tree is no longer viable in PVE. It's just useless. They have very low HP, die by 1 or 2 hits from bosses AOE and their damage is very weak. It's totally useless. I wonder why NC Korea didn't pay attention to this matter. A full tree stigma is worthless for SM. On previous patches pets could tank bosses and easily do a lot of damage to improve our DPS. Now it's just a joke.

  5. 2 hours ago, mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT said:
    • Please visit aiononline.com for customer support.
    • The petition is too short. A Support Petition must be at least 5 words in length.
    • The Support Petition has been received. The receipt number is n.
    • This is your nth petition. You may make m more Support Petitions today.
    • There are n users waiting in the queue to lodge Support Petitions.
    • The GM invited [yourname] into a chat.
    • The GM has sent [yourname] a proxy petition. Petition number: n.
    • The GM has created a proxy petition, but the user is offline. Petition number: n.
    • Please visit aiononline.com for customer support.
    • Your Support request has failed. Please try again later.
    • You have used up your daily quota of n Support Petitions. You cannot make any more inquiries with this account today.
    • A Support Petition has already been received. Please wait for a reply.
    • Your proxy petition request has failed. [yourname] has already received the Support Petition.
    • Your proxy petition request for [yourname] has failed. The error code is n.
    • The request for a proxy petition has failed. (The user is currently offline.) The error code is n.
    • Petition No. n has been cancelled.
    • The petition has been cancelled. You have n Support Petitions left for today.
    • You cancelled the proxy petition request for [yourname].
    • Failed to cancel the petition. Please try again later.
    • The Support Petition is already being processed.
    • Support Petitions cannot be submitted at the moment.
    • Failed to cancel the request for a proxy petition to [yourname]. The error code is n.
    • The User ([yourname]) is not in the game server.
    • Beginning chat with a GM ([gmname]).
    • The GM ([gmname])'s response is complete. Please evaluate the Support Petition service in a moment.
    • You are not in a chat with the GM.
    • An error has occurred while transmitting the conversation log to the GM. Please try again later.
    • This is a message from the GM: [gmmessage]
    • Please select the type of your petition.
    • Please enter your petition.
    • You are not allowed to evaluate the reply of a Support Petition.
    • Your petition has been received.
      • The receipt number is x.
      • There are n users on the waiting list, and the approximate waiting time is x.
      • You have submitted n petitions today, and there are m more petitions left. Thank you!
      • There is a reply to your petition.
    • You are in a chat with the GM.
    • Your petition is being processed.
    • A reply to your petition has arrived.

    What the hell is this? :o

  6. 2 hours ago, mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT said:

    Kairom has around 8725 magical defense.

    Wow Ziekel you are extremely geared!

    Spiritmaster spells base damage

    I am not really geared, just average at best :D

    2 hours ago, mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT said:

    Regarding Element Smash / Elemental Smash Lv 2:

    It makes an additional packet of magical damage (782 base damage, or 899 tooltip damage) when used against the races Gchief_Dragon, Drakan, Lizardman, naga (Balaurs). The separated damage packet allows that damage bonus to be affected by Magical Attack. This bonus effect is not in the in-game skill description.

    Thanks for clarifying, now I fully understand both skills how they work, really thanks very much for your effort to explain. <3

  7. 4 hours ago, mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT said:

    Conditional added damage bonuses within damage skills are not affected by Physical/Magical Attack.

    Level 76 characters have +100% PvE/PvP Attack/Defense (old stat) so your final damage against monsters are doubled.

    Ok I understood the reason for weaken spirit additional low damage.

    But I dont understand how is the second part related to elemental smash?

    If you say 100% then shouldn’t it be 39K + 39K? And why is it a chance to see this additional damage? I only seen it rarely, but most of the time it just hits one time. I hope I explained to you what I wanted to ask correctly. @mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT

  8. Hey guys,

    I have noticed something I would like to share and ask about and make sure its working correctly.

    For weaken spirit it says, "Deals additional 665 damage if the target is a spirit." But for me it seems it is not the case.

    As you can see at training dummy in fear "spirit" state, it hits 33,078 DMG while without fear, it hits 31,561 DMG. This translates to 1517 DMG.

    But as far as I understand 665 damage should not give only 1517 DMG total? Some skills like Erosion have 616 base damage and hit for around 12,000 DMG on first tick, so shouldnt that be the

    case on the increase for Weaken Spirit in "Spirit" state?


    Second thing, I would like to ask about is Elemental Smash Skill, sometimes or let me say "rarely" it procs additional damage and I don't know where does that come from, anyone has a clue?

    Thanks for clarifying.


  9. 13 hours ago, Rainburrow-KT said:

    So we're only paying 28.5 times as much. It's practically a steal!

    Yes they are stealing us. USD is a high currency compared to Koreans. But NcKorea also makes sure to reach the people who are willing to spend 20 or even 50$ a month. But NCWest is greedy, either you pay us 1000$ USD a month or don't play!

    20 hours ago, Violeta-KT said:

    I'm not sure how much cash points (Korean cash shop currency) go for, but if my research is correct, in Korea the largest bundle of Cuna you can purchase is around 100 dollars and contains 4320 Cuna. Each try at selective retuning costs 3 cuna for an Ultimate piece. That comes out to around 7 cents per retune try.

    NCKorea treats its players like humans, but NCWest treats us as cash cows. Thats why there is so much difference in prices.

  10. 1 hour ago, Matsukamy-KT said:

    if its ancient it may be 1000 and it wont go +15. 


    This is NCwest fault. Like i said in Korea they have acess to leg stone easily in cash shop. Here, only luna buyers and prestige can have extra by getting more entrances to instances.

    it seems the 6.x era lasted less than a year in korea. do you think you will get your gear in that time ?

    This is NOT a patch thought for new players. If you havent got titles, compensation gear, stigma enchanted, kinah GP in the previous patches, its way too hard to get it now. NC didnt even made the same gold ingot trade at the beggining of the patch. 

    This is also certainly NOT a patch for free players. You cant get GP from any instance where you could in the last patch, and cant even buy reset scrolls in the broker from cash shoppers anymore. so no GP from those instances, also, less enchants for gear. Also now, free players get even less GP on siege, meaning, even on siege they are inferior to paying customer, while in other patches they could still earn GP equally as those who pay. 

    In pve they get to ress with full life as long as they want, ensuring that dungeons are not failure.

    You get the picture.

    This. This is by no means a game for new players.

    We old players only tolerate whats going on because we understand it's a part of the game and it is the way it is.

    Imagine a new player starting with no kinah, has to grind amidst bots, gets all camps done after getting ganked 100 times if not more, and finally got 100 stones or so.

    Then starts enchanting because they are called "enchanting stones" only to watch them fail and not even get an item beyond +10!

    Please tell me how will that player feel about the game?

    Most of us are already at the verge of quitting and we have so much hatred to how the game is run now. Let alone the new players.

    This game will never get any new player. And if it gets, it will be because some old cash shop player is supporting them. 

    But truth to be told, this is our fault. This is the fault of the players willing to spend 5000$ every month to buy tons of luna and legendary stones only for a CHANCE to get +15 on their items as we are seeing everyday people +15 their PVP items. Yes, we are the ones who made the game the way it is. If people didnt spend, either the game would shutdown or the way it is managed would change.

  11. If that price 2$ was to actually get the maximum stat on that retune, then I wouldn't mind. But you can actually spend those 2$ and get LOWER STATS! You see thats the problem, you can spend money to get worse results. And I don't even wanna talk about the huge RNG and kinah needed to get the 4 stats you need. This is not a game anymore. This is something else that cannot be described.

  12. 1 hour ago, DaChanteress-KT said:

    One thing I do not understand, why there are bots when you cannot trade money (kinah) or anything else even between your own characters? Well, I know you can trade at the brokers but not everything. RMT should not exist anymore so what are the bots still doing in Lakrum for what?

    Farming the Guiding Stones, which sell on broker. You can find people selling batches of 2K, 3K, 4K stones. Those give profit, and one can collect money from the bot by placing something for 100 M for example and let the bot buy it. There is always a workaround and bots are using it well, farming all the spots and making it harder for us real players to get materials.

  13. I am not sure if I really made my message clear, my question is does ORB give some hidden Magic attack stats when using it besides the one written on the weapon itself which the tome doesnt?

    My MATTK with Ancient Libertas Orb (3225+397 MATTK) =  11193 MATTK

    MY MATTAK with Legendary Voidsoul Spellbook (3628+216 MATTK) = 11093 MATTK

    You see what I was trying to ask about? How can my stats in INFO tab drop by 100 MATTK when using a weapon with more MATTK than the other one?

    I had minion, buffs and everything turned off when switching them both.

  14. Hey guys,

    I am really confused. Does the orb have an advantage over spellbook in PVE? I didnt see a difference except in weapon damage stat. Does this affect the overall damage in anyway? Or it just affects the auto attack? Because although my legendary tome (3628+216) has much higher magic attack than the orb (3225+397) , my Magic attack stats in INFO tab is reduced by 100 Magic attack. Can someone explain or give an advice?

    Thank you very much.

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