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  1. They will fix this issue after Parush Soulstone be put in the next p2w event no one asked for, and everyone already have their set purified
  2. Katalam Elyos had mass DC also, it happens that we had numbers, asmos were kissing the floor the entire siege and you're saying you would own that fort? ROFL
  3. You'll take months of afk Arena to gear up LOL, imo is not worth for a starter gear, and by the time you finish, I'm pretty sure 5.8 will be here with new AP pvp gear, which also will take months to get it, and that's just the tip of the iceberg, you also need tempered accessories which they break left and right and you can't do anything about it since there's no 100% chance of success, people are breaking accessories trying +1/+2/+3. Sure, you can enjoy the game with weak pvp gear, if you don't mind being easily bursted and grey is your favorite colour. I know games with slow gear p
  4. Aion is not newbie friendly unless you literally drop a few grands, that's why this game is dying in all regions, except for maybe EU, ncsoft stop releasing good and decent content and every new patch there's new gear to catch up, on top of that, every gear can literally be bought with real life money, I suggest to find yourself another game even tho there's not much greater options to choose
  5. Drop a few grands on Luna shop, you should be fine
  6. @ApoIonia-DN you think the system actually works, and that's adorable, stay forever innocent. Since there's no response to this, I belive there's no punishment at all, back to afk siege on mains as well I guess
  7. @Cyan What will be the punishment for abusing coalition functions? If there is such a thing, will be for everyone or big whales will go out free? Cause right after 5.3 was launched, my friend got kicked out in the last 2 minutes of siege and when he sent in a ticket, support said they couldn't do anything and gave him a tap in the back saying sorry (the offender was someone well know for dumping kk's on bcm). Make a topic on forums is a cute thing, but I wanna know if my time sending tickets won't be in vain...
  8. Why do I feel like EB online will be a thing again?
  9. I worked my ass off for my rank, and I start grinding GP after 5.0, where EB online and GP trade wasn't a thing anymore. Reset everyone's GP cause some people thought it was a good idea reroll a new server in a dying game, is a good way to lose the 10 players they have left... Most of the inactives were kicked out so, it isn't that hard these days to climb up again if you're really into to.
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