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  1. Previous live streams answers that question
  2. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    https://imgur.com/XvQsvjR Could've sworn Ek to Dn/Kt were free last time I checked I do remember free transfer before the previous merge. Why is it different now @Cyan?
  3. Ideas for Events Rewards

    Add permanent mounts to that list please
  4. Housing

    Just saw the prices on each. Thank you so much for keeping in mind how poor we are in EK lol
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    It's his job. Higher ups tell him what to do. He does it. Gets paid. I don't think anyone realizes that yet lol
  6. Housing

    Do people have enough kinah tho on the server? I'd love a mansion at least but there's no way I have enough kinah. I'm happy if I have 20m on lol
  7. Haven't you all learned by now Nc does what Nc wants. I'd be surprised IF they do any changes to this event.
  8. Nc Will Kill Aion

    You just figured this out? It's been happening for a VERY long time now with little to no attention as to what they playerbase says. I don't expect much after everyone has clearly expressed their feelings about this event. None should tbh
  9. Duda

    @PARANA-EK Danaria hay mas gente
  10. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Too much salt in this post. Bad for your blood pressure
  11. Event

    Crafting please! It's so freaking expensive. Trying to level my crafting on the new server is horrible since we're all so poor. People get excited about having 20m ._.
  12. Long Awaited Event

    I rather they bring back the Snowball event with good rewards that gives up crafting items. It's so expensive starting from 0 on the new server. Either that or ways to make kinah by selling those items.
  13. P2W much?

    Thank you @Hime. That was a whole new level of WTF lol
  14. P2W much?

    https://imgur.com/a/P8HrcpB Isn't that the gear you exchange? The gear from previous patch? How'd he get it? lol @Cyan something funny is going on here?
  15. Favorite Patch?

    Favorite Patch? Not this one lol. I miss 4.x There was so much PvP everywhere. Too many zergs or PvE queens now on top of all the P2W