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  1. And now they're not responding again like, for real I just want to continue playing Aion and I DONT want to start over again just only for this one campaign.
  2. I got a response, they said he notified it to Quality Assurance Team for investigation, but that doesn't fix it for us cuz we're not able to play further right now :\
  3. I also wanna throw it out there, ALOT of people are having Drakenspire Depths issues (You must wait 1 minute before entering Drakenspire Depths blablabla) but the worst of all, we CANT continue ingame now, the campaign leads in there and there are no other quests to continue with without having to go in there. I've waited for 3 days now but its still not fixed.
  4. Same here, sended them a ticket 3 days ago, no response at all...
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