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  1. pretty sure it resets the 1st of every month, so you can buy it for example 12/31 and buy again the next day.
  2. @Kibbelz Please I need to know what to do. Is it safe for me to do my 3rd and last combine on my SW even if I want the reward on my SM? Its account wide but it doesnt say where I get the reward and support doesnt know shit like always.
  3. The thing is what if we get a regular mail to another toon that doesnt need/want it. Lately they have been sending regular mails to random characters on the account. Ive got my transformations contract from the last event we had on a random toon that didnt even do any combine. I sent a ticket because I really want to know since I wanted to do 2x combines on my SM and 1x on my SW and I want my S Rank on my SM but it isnt guarenteed with NC. This was their reply: "Regarding to your concern, it didn't stated on the website where the reward will be sent. We advise you to k
  4. YES! I really want to have this skin back. I crafted it when it first came out and now I miss it so i really want and theres literally no info about it of where it comes from
  5. The nyerk? too many events at once? just do the ones you want/like and move on. You dont have to do them all. Also @Voltric-DN every single mob (even small/big game so not having enough dps to kill mobs isnt an excuse) you kill drops 1 Meloon, so it isnt really overwhelming, I swear yall want all easy and free.
  6. Yesterday I leveled up a new alt to 80 and I didnt get the risiel gear from the NPC. Does the NPC dont give any more the free legendary gear?
  7. Hey @Kibbelz at least you could add 1 skin every 1 or 2 weeks. I bet is not that hard. And please dont add those that literally no one wants. There are some people really want to see. Dream faerie costume, comfy coveral, denku and sandwash i think it was called? set, springbloom uniform, and there are alot more. And when you guys add them just make them permanent. Also motions: ninja, levitation, skating, dragon set
  8. They got back to me saying they already update their Aion US configuration to use their US East Coast network. So you can now disable the custom game profile and go on and restart RTL or reinstall RTL over the top, to force it to download the latest configuration. So now it should work as it used to be before the change.
  9. I think after all this time ever since 6.0 (thats when there was a change on BCM and skins were no longer a thing) skins shouldve come in BCM already. I really dont know whats the effort that has to be put to add some items on the BCM (wich you guys do when there is a cash grab event so i dont think its THAT hard). But by now there should be more variaty on the skins there. Only ugly that no one wants skins are available on BCM. At least add 1 every week if its that hard. But make them PERMANTLY AVAILABLE no 2 weeks rotation that lead to nothing like you guys did for some time. shoul
  10. Enough community support? Are you serious? PEOPLE STOP ASKING FOR SKINS BECAUSE WE GAVE UP. WE'VE BEEN TRYING TO GET SKINS BACK IN THE BCM EVER SINCE 6.0. Here are some post/comments asking for skins with a really simple search (and there are plenty more of them) and like this are waaaaaaaaay more post about asking for skins in the BCM
  11. Hey everyone since the new server change I was getting high ping while using RTL, around 250ms sometimes higher (I used to play with 180ms from Argentina). So I thought since RTL has an option to create a custom profile to make a new one and check if they have servers on the east and they did. After creating the new profile im playing with even less ping than before around 165ms. I leave what you guys need to do in case you are in a similar situation than me with RTL. Go to the RTL website and log into your account, go to the Custom Game Profile thats located on the side and the
  12. I play from Argentina and I always had 170-180ms (sometimes 190ish but usually was 178) now Im getting 220ms while sometimes it jumps up to 250-260 wich makes it unplayable.
  13. ping went from 170-180 to 230-240 ffs. impossible to play now Q.Q thanks for that nc
  14. weve literally been asking for skins on BCM ever since 6.0 droped we got some weeks of "costume week rotation" or whatever it was called and after some time they stopped doing that too they really dont care i guess
  15. "Rewards for the Hanbok Pixel promotion will be mailed after maintenance." I think thats it
  16. Until when does the current event last? (pumpkin one) Any news regarding transfers? Please add extendables weapon boxes in future (near) events since its impossible to get nowadays! When?
  17. wtf lol they dont have a clue bout anything
  18. guess i wont bother with them then since the ancient rate is too high, thank you!
  19. does this website also have the rates for the current transformation box from the pumpkin event? ( Harvest Revel Special Transformation Box (34 Types) )
  20. so till when do we have this pumpkin event for? on the website it only says "Our normal Transformation Contract bundles will remain deactivated until 11/18." and the end date for the new items is 11/18. Never mentions if the event will run as well until the 18th BUT on the BCM each of the new items says 11/11. @Kibbelz@Loki
  21. Yeah, I played for a little bit today (sm and sw) and closed the game after 20-30min coz is stupid slow now. Having to choose between attack speed or casting speed, or both but at a lower % sucks. Dont even mention the running speed.
  22. you know if you can choose for any class or just your class? thanks
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