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  1. Curiosity: Bug or Fail ?

    im wrong , you are right, thats what every single girl wants to hear, happy?
  2. Curiosity: Bug or Fail ?

  3. if its an update from KR, maybe its a way for us to farm pvp equipment, maybe it was intended all this time, depends from your POV
  4. just an advice

    Either ban them permanently, or don't ban them at all, you guys just banning the exploiters temporally is not smart, because 3 days of ban won't do anything, when they come back they will still have the gear they got by exploiting. Just compensate the guys who didn't do EC, these 2 months all these players haven't gotten to progress in an instance... and all these exploiters will be back in 3 days, WELL PLAYED
  5. November shop update coming soon

    @Cyan thanks, we appreciate this
  6. as title states, the store will update soon and you guys have another shoot at making us happy as a community with cosmetics only. please, please for the love of Atreian lords, take out Ninja's set Motion card from the BCM and replace it with Dragon's set Motion card or at least Red's Basket for Granny Motion card. Joyful Festival Costume Harehood Made in Abyss Nanachi Outfit Miss Meow Overalls Miss Meow Dress Warm Panda Padding all these are costumes that im sure the community would want back, thanks in advance @Cyan for fowarding this to the person in charge of BCM
  7. Fighting fragments

    I dont think this girl knows what IB requires 0 gear mean
  8. Fighting fragments

    @Ele-DN you should just take the time to get better in IB, it requires no gear, only a working brain, get a premade that knows how to the instance, and you will be good, I also wanna point out that you mentioned that they should take out fragments rewarsd altogether jut because you arent getting them??? hello? lmao basically, get gud
  9. Fighting fragments

    IB requires 0 gear, if you know how to do the instance you can win easily, keep practicing and you will get better and stop losing
  10. Fighting fragments

    theres no logic behind rewarding someone for losing!!!!
  11. Fighting fragments

    stop losing lol
  12. motions and skins that should be back on the BCM

    @Cyan can we please have [Motion Card] The Dragon's Set [Motion Card] Red's Basket for Granny added to the BCM store, the Ninja Set motion has been sitting there for ages now, can we get these, please
  13. i dont see the reason behind putting ancient contracts, when everyone already has 1, the community needs legendary contract, doesnt matter if it cost all event duration for us to get it, even if its random @Cyan
  14. weekly reminder that ec still doesnt work

    im making sure they see it, sorry
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 23, 2019

    @Cyan may i know why we didnt get "Legendary transformation contract" from this event? not even the random one? everyone and their mom already has an ancient transformation, wheres the logic?????, help me find it, you guys were in good path putting legendary contracts in past events, and fragments, this literally feels like the past year rewards when 6.0 hit NA servers,