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  1. A week is plenty to make up your mind. This is Aion Classic and I am happy to pay for a sub. I played during the closed beta and have been playing on and off. If they gave away enough free stuff it will make return of the cash shop, and that is something many of the veteran community does not want to see.
  2. 3000 USD a month is not considered poor at all, in fact that is considered a good income. I understand where you are coming from each country has a different perspective on money.
  3. That is not reassuring. Why don't they listen to the player base? The same thing is happening with Blade and Soul. They are rolling out loot box after loot box and making the gaming experience less enjoyable and not as rewarding.
  4. Ayyy! Thanks so much for the reply. It is sad to see this game is losing its player base and I noticed there are only 2 servers now! That is never a good sign. Hopefully NcSoft starts marketing the game more. The game just got a big expansion and it isn't talked about too much. My friend is going to re-download the game and we going to start fresh. They made the same mistake with their moba game, MxM it was a really good game but due to poor marketing they lost the game in less then a year.
  5. Hi everyone, Thanks for taking the time to view my post. I am an old Aion player played since closed beta back in 09 I believe. I was looking at getting back into the game and was wondering if it was worth the time investment. Has the game gone pay to win? Is their still a strong player base that play and support the game? Looking over the website it looks like the game recently got some new content so that is reassuring. Has the game gone P2W at all? On a side note I am super noob, what is a decent class to play for pvp and pve? I was thinking of templar or ranger.
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