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  1. what you mean? im not talking about now. back to the time i got banned. I was inside SR, just killed first dog, they I was kicked out of game, seeing a dialog with some message `NCHomepage blah blah blah`, game client closed automatically. and launcher pop-ed a dialog with some message too, i restarted launcher. then I could not login anymore because they banned me What im saying above (ban-wave) is just what Im guesing
  2. maybe another ban-wave. back to 07/30, we have same server-down around this time, ~15min later, server was up again, ~1hour later I get in SR with random group and I got banned. @Kibbelz I still wondering why Siel was down at that time
  3. i wish i know i will be banned before i got ban, so i could prepare a camera to record me playing a game with my screen, record it from the day server start. idk what kind of evidence i can prove to supporters to prove im not a exploiter. all i can do is listing all software on PC and listing my playing styles (i did, but im not sure supporters is able to check anything in game except some lines of log. IMO, it is easy to detect player who is exploiting SR or not - check entry quest, if entry quest is done long time ago => he could not exploit it - check amount of kinah player got
  4. Then what is my ban-reason? I was banned by SR "exploit". What is that "exploit" I did? Now I just want they say that doing repeat-quest (by re-entering SR) is exploiting. That will make more sense and I dont need to wait for any answer.
  5. Im still waiting for clear answer. Can not just let that 7-days-ban go away. First they said its all about SR repeatable quest exploit. Now they say it is not. So what is the detail reason then?
  6. cool, im waiting for another reason then. From your above sentence, I really dont know why they banned me.
  7. I just able to login now, 10:15 AM 08/06 server time ... ... still need an answer for that
  8. Where is the respect? Is customer a joke to you? They banned me 7 days ago, ~ 07/30/2021 6 AM Game Server Time (i checked time by Retail server). I did not know the reason at first. Now I do. ^ It is because of SR repeat quest then. Ofc, we all not agree with that. I did all possible things for my rights but nothing change. They said it was 7-days-ban and I will be unban at 08/06/2021 11:58 GMT. From that info, I know that I got banned at 07/30/2021 5:58AM Game Server Time (07/30/2021 11:58 GMT ). Because 7 days = 168 hours and: 07/30/2021 11:58 GMT
  9. they banned me for 7 days, ban-time has ended 2hours ago and I still not able to login. Dang, Engrish is not my main. Im still finding some cool sentences to comment about that.
  10. yeah, i recorded them both, just in case. but this is not the right time to submit it, muhahahha
  11. I'm worrying about my understands of AION recently. Im not sure what is right thing to do in game anymore. So, I need your help @Kibbelz I need some confirmations. My account have 11 toons. 5 of them having really good gears/advance stigmas. 5 of them can solo PF (normal) and clear Crucible lower to 8th floor really fast. So, questions are: - Will I be banned if I solo PF(Normal) 25 turns a week (5 toons x 5 turns) ? Ofc, I do it by my RAW hands, no cheat, no bot, no hack. - Will I be banned if I farmed 30 pigs from Crucible (lower) a week (5 toons x 3 turns, then afte
  12. i remember there were few player who protected NCW in this case, i want to hear their voice now 😀
  13. @Kibbelz So are you saying that AION having repeatable quest - but if player do that quest repeatedly, player will be banned? Nice move, nice reason, nice excuse for a mistake of ... I dont want to say their name. Player (should be called BOT) was exploited SR Entry Quest still stay safe I guess. Player who doing SR's repeatable quests is protagonist in this ban wave. Well, atleast, my quests were 17/20 and 18/20.
  14. it so ridiculous i got banned 6 days ago, sent a tickets, got unclear/useless response as usual. I just know that i will be banned for 7 days. I was so angry. Then today, 1 day more to wait, i got a new email from NC supporters (as a new ticket, not from old ticket). New email saying that i got banned because of exploiting SR. Im speechless. So, the problem is WHAT is SR exploiting? I dont think they are considering bug of entry quest is exploiting. But something more that we did not know. - Get in SR again with new group after last run ~2hours is exploiting??? (
  15. ^ That is true, i opened no chest, just enter SR with random ppl to do quest (17/20 Wine quest), and after 5mins, i got ban. Btw, that run was 2hours after my previous run because we have server down/reseted (~15min???) on 30/07. Maybe their scripts (to check player who is exploiting SR) is not good enough 🤣
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