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  1. https://aion.plaync.com/update/history/2020/201028_classic wow, is ncsoft KR watching this thread?
  2. I "stucked" with this game since 2010. But this year, I quitted few months because personal thing. When I cameback, everything has changed. I keep login and logout and dont know what to do . Suddenly youtube recommend me this video: Now Im praying for AION classic <3. Latest update will be Tiamaranta's Eye patch. The feeling when you are in the office and your girlfriend (my wife now) pm you to tell you that she just killed 3 asmos and get a golden key is so good
  3. Should I keep it as a box/bag/bundle or I should open and select it as manastone?
  4. that temporary workaround is working, i did it (disable/turn off everything relate to Window defender system)
  5. how to play Aion and BnS in same time guys,. I used to able to open 2 AION client and 1 BnS client, but not anymore after this update
  6. Hi Mud, can you tell me how much Crit we need for PVE in this patch please. I stuck with my sorc too long, need to learn about Physical class again. Thank you.
  7. how to calc that 300/170 number Nabjo is that 300 = socket 30 slot with power +10 (5 pcs of gear) thank you
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