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  1. +12 manastones in current gear

    Should I keep it as a box/bag/bundle or I should open and select it as manastone?
  2. Cannot regist Xingecode Module

    that temporary workaround is working, i did it (disable/turn off everything relate to Window defender system)

    how to play Aion and BnS in same time guys,. I used to able to open 2 AION client and 1 BnS client, but not anymore after this update
  4. PVE set for physical classes

    Hi Mud, can you tell me how much Crit we need for PVE in this patch please. I stuck with my sorc too long, need to learn about Physical class again. Thank you.
  5. PVE set for physical classes

    how to calc that 300/170 number Nabjo is that 300 = socket 30 slot with power +10 (5 pcs of gear) thank you