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  1. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    @Cyan if you please could give us 1 more week of the pumpkin event,have a lot more candies to burn U.U. then it would be more than a great compensation for the ddos thing..:D bargaining bargaining with a great doe eye...
  2. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    I really need help on this @Cyan Im not getting a response from support.and I need to activate it asap.I cant use instance entry packs as this overlaps with the prestige one.Please I am losing a lot.If you can poke them for me
  3. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    So since paying with paypal errors me out,I paid directly using my card and I got email from you guys saying transaction is a success and I had the transaction ID already but still no code or whatever and still the date of payment and next billing is the same,well it moved one day lol.now it says next billing is oct 28,2017 >.<
  4. Seriously this would make it easier for us buyers.I had encountered problems with my recurring pack paying with my card and really it's annoying.Waiting for the codes that I don't get in time,missing the rewards in game cause ofc delayed activation.Why not make it payable by ncoins,we pay it with real money just the same,it saves both the company and us the trouble of sending tickets and Queing on support.And ofc it allows for more subscribers ..
  5. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    I'll be missing my additional gp on siege why it doesn't allow me to buy it again I dont know .I checked my account and I have funds. Ncsoft should allow prestige to be bought by ncoins in the first place then maybe problems like this will be resolved.Will be easier for us buyers,it's hard when you're already paying for services and get problems like this,makes me wanna cancel seriously. payment shouldn't be complicated.
  6. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    @Cyan I have the issue again,my subscription got cancelled,and I purchased again,it said successful,but date of subscription and date of next billing is the same,it both said oct. 28,2017 and yes I don't have the code again as last time.I sent ticket,this should be my second month.Then since I checked my paypal and it hasn't charged anything,I tried again to click on renew to buy prestige,but it just gives me the error page..*sighs*
  7. Panesterra

    So when is panesterra actually gonna be fixed? You guys have been silent and we're losing time waiting for portal to open.Maybe a little heads up from you can help ?Then we're not stucked staring at the ceiling ...
  8. Known Issues: Server Merge

    about the kinah from housing,my other toon got it attached on mail.The other one however didn't .So I sent a ticket and didn't get any reply at all. I have the mail,but only the guest petals are there,no kinah.And it's not even the level.Both toons are of the same level 68.So I dont understand why I get on another and the other one no.I ws hoping for at least a response,but nothing. @Cyan,will they ever give it back to us or just ignore our tickets?
  9. Denaria needs a new Gov

    and why would you need one? Your gov knows how to lead,unlike our gov in katalam hue.
  10. AP to GP npc

    SO I wanted to know since I never read anywhere in your announcements that ap to gp npc trader is back in levinshor,will it remain in the game or does it have a limit as in one week or 2 weeks? a month? As is the ranks are crazy already so would like to know a little bit more info if it's back for good or no. @Cyan enlighten me a bit please
  11. Known Issues: Server Merge

    @Cyan Apparently opening coalition window crashes people instantly,we are at siege and multiple players dc at the same time .
  12. additional quickbar

    700? Now I'd love to see that cause I'm really missing a lot
  13. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    I thought 27 housing will be reset and they will give us back the kinah we paid for it? Has it been moved?
  14. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    I think it's not fair >.<.I need the buff,this is one reason why I paid for the subscription.And now I can't use it,can't take off event buff as well
  15. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    yes I used the pass,but some pmed me that if you got cake buff,buffotron doesn't give you another buff U.U.