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  1. Known Issues: Server Merge

    about the kinah from housing,my other toon got it attached on mail.The other one however didn't .So I sent a ticket and didn't get any reply at all. I have the mail,but only the guest petals are there,no kinah.And it's not even the level.Both toons are of the same level 68.So I dont understand why I get on another and the other one no.I ws hoping for at least a response,but nothing. @Cyan,will they ever give it back to us or just ignore our tickets?
  2. Denaria needs a new Gov

    and why would you need one? Your gov knows how to lead,unlike our gov in katalam hue.
  3. AP to GP npc

    SO I wanted to know since I never read anywhere in your announcements that ap to gp npc trader is back in levinshor,will it remain in the game or does it have a limit as in one week or 2 weeks? a month? As is the ranks are crazy already so would like to know a little bit more info if it's back for good or no. @Cyan enlighten me a bit please
  4. Known Issues: Server Merge

    @Cyan Apparently opening coalition window crashes people instantly,we are at siege and multiple players dc at the same time .
  5. additional quickbar

    700? Now I'd love to see that cause I'm really missing a lot
  6. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    I thought 27 housing will be reset and they will give us back the kinah we paid for it? Has it been moved?
  7. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    I think it's not fair >.<.I need the buff,this is one reason why I paid for the subscription.And now I can't use it,can't take off event buff as well
  8. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    yes I used the pass,but some pmed me that if you got cake buff,buffotron doesn't give you another buff U.U.
  9. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    and another question,I tried getting a buff from buffotron 9000,it doesn't give any It doesn't work now?
  10. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    if anyone can answer please,does the prestige pass stack with instance entry boost pack? I mean I still have 33 days of my instance entry,will it add to the days or will I lose the cd pack effect? @Cyan or @Hime,I need to know before using the pass please.If it removes the 33 days more of my cd pack or will it add to the days?
  11. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    exactly nothing.,on my first message,I sent SS of how I got 1,200 ncoins,and no code. and how prestige subscription says it willl expire today when I just purchased it today..After few hours the ncoins was gone and the prestige subscription was showing me it will expire on october 27 and I thought it was fixed but no,I still don't have the code.And there was no reply,just that auto reply notice that they received my ticket..I lost the additional GP from siege which was the only reason why I purchased the prestige pack in the first place. I hope they compensate for the loss
  12. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    I still have a problem @Hime I purchased today,but I got no code,instead it gave me 1,200 ncoins.I submitted a ticket,Now I lost the 1,200 ncoins but still no code
  13. Kumuki Cave [Event] - Bug in Door

    I had the same bug in 2 of my toons. I had to relog to actually get in there
  14. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    exactly this, I want to be able to move without losing my gp and unfortunately the server i want isn't the one merging with us.As I am an old player,I have more gp than 500k >.<..Please reconsider giving higher GP for us old players
  15. additional quickbar

    We're archdaevas,more skills,more stuff to put out so it's easily accessible.Plus not all of us are pro key binders So yeah isn't it time to maybe give us additional quickbars or something like it...