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  1. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    @Cyan as much as I love and respect you for really being there with us,I had to go with the community so here it goes https://imgur.com/a/rR3dN
  2. more quick bars for screen

    Now I'm a fan,everything he said,totally agree to it
  3. XIGNCODE3 Issue Request Thread

    this ,I had the same issue.At first I didn't know what's the problem,since the other day aion was fine for me.Then today each time I tried to launch it ,on the loading screen it closes.I tried like 3x but keeps failing.As it was my habit to check on running processes,I saw unfamiliar stuffs running,and also I had a new search engine running on tray icon.I remembered the night before,downloaded an audio editor which might have come with some unwanted programs,as it lagged when I was declining/accepting stuffs before installing.So I run malwarebytes and found like 200 PUP omigi,most of which came from the new search engine. Scanned,deleted,now everything is fine.So yeah malwares and PUP triggers xigncode to close aion I just hope it doesn't tag us,the legit players,as someone who used suspicious programs >.< I hope they have a way to find which program exactly we used that triggered the false positives,before we get flagged as dirty cheaters
  4. Is this a joke by gm? Cause it ain't funny

    And I asked him not only once,twice ,thrice.I asked him politely even.He didn't respond,so I shut my mouth,didn't trashtalk,or whatever.When he died he yelled on alert "CLERICS"..."Funny how the game kinda says "right back at ya"..and ohh when we went to other fort I was the lead,and he joined,lol..Did I kick to get even? I let him leave peacefully..peace man don't focus your rage on me ,he did something "was it you?",stop defending..ohh btw ncsoft apologized...cool enough for me ..
  5. Is this a joke by gm? Cause it ain't funny

    lol why are you suddenly on aly? Well ok kick me if I'm griefing,my attitude was toxic? You comment on that and totally ignored the fact the guy was ruining the siege?Oh nvm explaining..I would protect my alt too .He died not because I didn't heal him,I was in another grp,if I said those words because he totally ignored everything we said and pretending to not see,so which is more toxic? .But how come he saw my comment after he died? If everyone who complains in game with a valid reason is called a griefer then FML. And oh we don't really grief for lead,we don't need it for our benefit,it doesn't even give more gp.We only wanted to give buffs..Ranked is afk= why rank peeps are BS,useless blah blah blah...and when non ranked people do the shits, none can be said against them? Ok I;d suggest go rank your alt first then you can validly hold the lead with no one complaining.Cause doing that on low rank,isn't different than afking while holding lead BTW if we follow the do's and dont"s he would be kicked first,cause he was holding the lead against people who can actually give buffs,before it even triggered the griefing thing you're pointing out ..
  6. @FreiraCurandera-KT I do not get your replies lol..First of all I never said we need third party to open up dual client,I wanted to know cause BNS has this feature.that won't allow you to open dual client It uses that anti hack program as well.second I know what is macro and what is third party.and third I know shugo console is a third party program but they do not ban for this.You're the one confused,I had 3 questions for which I was clarifying things.
  7. so I need some reply @Cyan.1. Will this anti cheat program ban us for using bp,wtfast and such? What will happen if it does,to us players who lives on the other side of the world ? 2.Will this ban for using shugo console ? 3.Will this prevent us from using dual client?
  8. Is this a joke by gm? Cause it ain't funny

    griefed? was it your toon? you comment as if you know the whole story.FYI he wasn't even in my group,he had a healer. If he needs to kick isn't it supposed to be his grp? And yeah asking for lead it isn't even for me,I asked nicely,there was a lot in the ally who could of use the buff.I told him to pass it to anyone who can use the buffs.He didn't say no or yeah or anything,he only talked after few minutes when he died So he deserved that death imo .We needed it badly cause racing for time before elys comes. there was a lot healers,not one healed him.he yelled after he died,I mainly pointed the reason why no one healed him.You licking the wrong foot dear.unless ofc it was your alt oh and by the do's and dont's I do believe we have the right to ask for lead.Just think if everyone who cannot give buffs hold on to lead,won't that ruin sieges?As it is,it's hard enough with all those afks,and then you get a low rank who wants lead,if he needed it badly he can just ask for it after each buffs are done.
  9. Is this a joke by gm? Cause it ain't funny

    yes I replied and still I get another message instead of apology U.U. Your request (17240994) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email. Czian (Aion) Feb 8, 12:03 PST Hello, We have carefully reviewed the details of this incident and we understand that this violation may not have been intentionally offensive. However, we must consider every reasonable interpretation of character names, behavior and communication to ensure that we apply our policies as fairly and equally as possible and so we can offer an environment that is fun, friendly and respectful for all of our players. Thank you for understanding our position on this matter. Please review our policies at http://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/user-agreements/ to avoid future misunderstandings. sad..T.T. so sad
  10. First of all apologies cause this may be long but I'm just pissed off.. I reported a stupid player for kicking me ,he wasn't listening when he got asked for lead , we can give buffs and he cant.And so he died cause none of us healed him.So he yells for all clerics,then he kicks me cause I pointed out we didn't heal him on purpose...ofc I reported this,and the gm replied this GM Kairun (Aion) Feb 6, 03:21 PST Hello, Please take note that Coalition Leaders can expel other players, and those expelled cannot rejoin for 5 minutes; however, if you feel that the functionality should be changed or could be improved, please post your feedback at our official forums, from there the development team will take note of it and they may consider changing the Leadership functions to a favorable manner... "Q.Q. as if I didn't know leaders can kick? So I explained again that yeah I know they can kick but his reason for kicking me isn't valid...so ofc gm apologized and replied this " GM Kollsveinn (Aion) Feb 7, 22:06 PST Hello, Apologies for the confusion. We have completed our investigation and have taken the necessary action. We appreciate your help as we are committed to improving your gameplay experience. Thank you for helping us make Aion a better place! Please let me know if you have any question or concern. Regards, GM Kollsveinn.... "And voila yeah they have taken action cause I got a warning for kicking a player >.<" GM Kollsveinn (Aion) Feb 7, 22:09 PST Hello, This message is to inform you that your character '=====' has been observed violating the User Agreement and the Rules of Conduct through the abuse of kicking members unrelated to the siege. This abuse has been confirmed both by reports and through the game logs. As a result of this violation, your account has been officially warned. This is your final warning regarding violations of the User Agreement and Rules of Conduct. Further violations of the rules may lead to the suspension of your Aion account. I ask that you take the necessary steps to ensure that such action is not required. I have included links to the User Agreement, Rules of Conduct and Coalition Guidelines below so that you may review them at your convenience. User Agreement: http://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/user-agreements/aion-user-agreement.html Rules of Conduct: http://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/user-agreements/aion-rules-of-conduct.html Regards, GM Kollsveinn NCSOFT Support Team Sure sure they checked logs cause they gave a warning to the ones reporting ...makes sense...
  11. crucible spire floor 40

    and I got this reply Q.Q.....as far as I know it didn't help me Hello there, Regarding your inquiry, I have confirmed that you would need to be at least at the Center underneath a platform that is glowing greenish blue to nullify the Vengeful Orb debuff. I hope this information helps. If the issue still persists, please feel free to let us know. Regards, GM Saika NCSOFT Support Team
  12. crucible spire floor 40

    so I don't know if it's just my toon being too fat >.< but last week jumping on the table to not get teh debuff from modor was easy peezy..but now I failed twice cause no matter what I do,I can't get on top of it .I tried jumping from the lower tables to the higher ones as well and still nothing.I tried standing under the table still debuff..How am I supposed to avoid it if I can't jump on top? Anyone else having this issue?
  13. Mirash Sanctum Hook

    not about the hook,but anyone else having the issue where the named mob you need to kill inside that second door keeps resetting? I run it twice and yeah it resetted on both.one of them even reset twice. like literally ate my time. And I was dpsing right in their faces >.<
  14. Game Froze, Nothing works, Server reset?

    npc,broker,rifts.anything that needs clicking stopped working .Help !!!
  15. Buggy game after 5.8 patch

    got fixed when I deleted my texture folder