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  1. Black cloud marketplace

    A serious question. How do I buy items in the shop without logging in the game? The only thing I see is buy bcoin. Halp!!!
  2. Enchantment stones

    Can you please just give us a, way to farm the ancient enchantment stones at least? The weekly limit is insane, like really really insane combined with rng. I know this has been asked over and over. But please for the life of all your players that still try to salvage this game. Give us a way to get enchantment stones outside of bcm and outside the 5 bags/ week limitation
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 19, 2020

    Ahhhh,are we or are we not getting those extra chocolates .Still waiting for that and event is ending soon.We need to buy before npc disappears you know. @Cyan
  4. recommendations for new game to play ?

    Although it's in same situation as Aion http://forums.icarus.nexon.net/discussion/23606/the-state-of-riders-of-icarus
  5. Aion support.

    Not saying that he uses bots but,there's actually a script that let's you farm this kibrium mobs,also there's one that loots for you while in ally.So being in discord doesn't make it a proof he doesn't use it.Again clarifying I don't accuse the guy,just saying it is possible
  6. What I'm feeling about the Game now

    Idk if it's just me,but I feel like Ncwest really wanna shut this game down.Feels like they just can't say it and is doing all this mess to make us all quit and therefore easier for them to just close.Anyone else feeling the same? Cause look at them,trying all they can to destroy the game we so love for so many years...sad
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    Meanwhile in EU people are gonna get ancient contracts as rare drop from mobs,Kaisinel potions,guiding stones from all mobs again.PFFFF! And how you see Galeas answering players right on spot,man we could use something like that.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 24, 2019

    This maybe their last resort to get some more money from the game .Inb4 they shut it down .Not even one reply.This just adds to doubts in our minds whether to continue with our game progress or not try at all and just wait for closure.....Death of a once so good game
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 24, 2019

    @Matsukamy-KThere you go boy,as how you said you're sure we won't get reset for instances that gives GP.And oh @Arhangelos-KT yeah this isn't p2w garbage yeah? Wish granted... this please
  10. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    This made me giggle,like really?You're so sure that Ncwest gonna follow korea? Heck yeah,'aight man dream on.if only we followed korea there wouldn't be a lot of mess patch after patch.
  11. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    This,cause all we know is we're getting gold ingots and for what.We don't know ,there's nothing at the shop that's worth it.Give same as EU ,at least
  12. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    I also already said that luna resettable instances shouldn't give GP because this would be a real pay-to-rank mode. Because you said they shouldn't, I bet they wouldn't.I am, sure you know how NCSofts brain works. But ok this is Funny.
  13. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    PFFF! this I belong to those that cheer this change not because I want ME to be a transform, I love that the game finally becomes competitive constantly and those afkers in the walls won't get to keep their top 20 rank or something. I am clinging between 5-star and 4-star (mostly 4-star) and I might even end up much lower than what I currently am but that means I deserve to be lower if that happens. There will be people finding new ways to abuse this ranking but at least they can't work for some time and then resort into afking because they did their job and they don't have to work anymore. What a hypocrite,aren't you one of them that goes solo cause you can solof for max GP? Inb4 they put gp on instances,I'm sure you gonna be cheering more.cause why not reset right?
  14. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Actually I only need 2 things from @Cyanto confirm. And I'd be happy to sit back and just wait. 1. First and most importantly make sure gp is gained only by active participation in siege. Else there's gonna be armies of alt feeding once again. Assure us that arenas and other pvp instances won't allow for luna reset or whatever ways to reset it. 2. Compensate your old players with better stuffs, make us feel valued in the least. Make ancient xforms available temporarily at the shop or anything better than the scrub we getting. You listened to new players and doing a reset. Now listen to us and give due credit. Then it's a win win for you. Your company gets to listen to both sides.Again I repeat not all ranked players are p2w, it's even so hard for me to get legendary xform since I cannot purchase via bcm tons of xform scrolls. And not all of us are afk. So please. Give due credit to your players old and new Oh btw your arena rankings? You gotta fix that. I'm sure everyone here sees how many are in top 1. It's because they're feeding each other. Especially harmony. Que with grp same time. Do nothing,you will end up having same points. GG rank 1 eazy peazy.
  15. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Well I really would LOL if after wipe we see that gp are gained via arenas and instances. All these people saying oh we gonna get a chance will be the ones coming back here and whine. Why do you think ncsoft had this idea of a reset. To help casual players? To gain more people? LMAO, never in rhe history of Aion they did something out of pure sympathy to players. It was always profit. So yeah those whales you talking about? They will be the ones taking the ranks. And oh please stop with the 'you only need to be active to get rank'. We know that ain't happening. It's gonna be wallet warriors from now on. And don't assume all ranked people p2w, I don't. Don't assume all ranked are afk and useless. I always do my part. But anyway its ok if changes must come. But to throw away our hard work for lame gold ingots? Now that's where it all turns shitty. So, let's see, in how many weeks till I see Q. Q. for instances being reser by luna and legit f2p players not having a chance to ranks at all. Gonna sit back now and memorize the name of these people praying for this gp reset. Hope I don't see you QQing in a few weeks.
  16. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    @CyanI do hope you realize that we the ranked people are your players too that deserved some good treatment at the least. What you guys are doing are like treating us as rubbish.
  17. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    This has got to be the biggest joke Ncsoft has ever made. You ever realized how much work we put out there for our ranks? So much time and effort. Literally blood and sweat and money, and all gone? Like WTF!!! In all stupid changes I've been ome of those who stick through thick and thin. But this has got to be the shittiest thing ever done. My toon, I've worked on my rank for 7 yrs. I'm not one of those afk ranked people. And what you gonna do pay gold ingots? Well FML it's finally time to say goodbye to this shit game. Yeah I, agree. Take the rank for all I care but compensate the top 10 ranked with Ultimate transformation. We deserve this much. Gold ingots? Rather delete my toon. Well idk, you're not a company known for fair judgment anyways
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    Fix the daevanion book crafting mats weekly please
  19. This buff on pve instances feel bad for ungeared ppl

    Cause they're actually playing with a server in their country,which makes their ping 50 and less.In Na people have varying ping,that's beside the fact that Koreans are hard core gamers/grinders...
  20. Aion: Ereshkigal's Wrath Known Issues - April 3

    @CyanCan you guys give cd to this Pandora instance so that we who cannot get in have the chance at least to get our cubics?The limit is ridiculous,there's a lot who ques everytime ,so the fastest 24 only gets in.This is rinse repeat all day since no one gets cd.Or at least increase limit,this is so frustrating.
  21. Aion: Ereshkigal's Wrath Known Issues - April 3

    @Cyan Could you guys consider making the rift portal to Pandora instance be like how panesterra was? Like we be able to see it in shift F12,cause now we're able to see it if deactivate shift f12 but since a lot of players que at the entrance,those among us with potato pc drops FPS so badly.The moment we are able to move,rift entry is full and consumed.So like,there's no way for us to get in there.Either do that or increase entry number or make it so we can get ereshkigal cubic with some other ways.The limit is just too low
  22. The Asmo Situation and Ideas

    Err,really? You must be logging in like 1 hr only or only on specific times when elyos are sleeping? LOL...Cause definitely elyos as far as KT server is concerned,outnumbers Asmodians.
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 23, 2019

    @Cyan anything you can do against broker bots???? I wouldn't ask to ban shit animation hackers which apparently are hard to find? But please do something against broker bots,I'm so done farming for my guidingstones for hours and hours and you know what? Just getting stolen by this shit bots...
  24. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    @Cyan as much as I love and respect you for really being there with us,I had to go with the community so here it goes https://imgur.com/a/rR3dN
  25. more quick bars for screen

    Now I'm a fan,everything he said,totally agree to it