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  1. I've done idd and it went well but definitely Harder than before. I believe a full legendary group will be pretty close to fail it. But Imo pf got worst, rip low manning it.
  2. Pleaaaaseeee, make the Borunerk's Coins used in bulk. Pleaaaaaseeeee
  3. Did 30 runs last week, no shugo at all. Not even the fake one. It has been definitely nerfed weeks ago.
  4. Ikr? Now i just use healing burst if the tank is going super low in PF or IDD. Others dungeons are just not needed anymore.
  5. This better be today, sick of grinding just because of those bastards.
  6. Agree with you. Healing burst is not useful in pvp unless you are running in group so you can find time to cast it on someone who's getting focused. For Solo pvp it's useless, you'll never get it off. Since i like to pvp in support build with roaring judgment, which work very well for me since i am alway solo giving me more defense and survivability, i slotted Word of Protection just so i don't lose the instigation. I feel word of protection works but its rare. But true, majority of chanters are now running DPS build with Inspiration or replacing numbing for disoriented or rise.
  7. 50 BoS Runs this week, 1 empty shugo. Feels good, right? In KR the spawn rate is wait better
  8. I've got 1 troll shugo yesterday after 50 runs in total, damn shugo was empty. Now its all done and just after reset. This ratio is dumb! lol Some say it got decreased since couple weeks ago after running bos with alts got "popular" in the first weeks of this patch it was way more often to spawn.
  9. Yeah, gotta run them all before my 7 days prestige runs out tomorrow. lol
  10. Have anyone noticed a big decrease in shugo's spawn after today's event started? I've done 30 BoS runs so far without a single spawn. That is odd because the event drops daeva skill box and you get more chances with p2w.
  11. Which ancient transformation would be the best for chanters in pvp? This whole transformation system is kind new to me.
  12. So crit builds are not worth anymore? That from a pvp or pve point of view?
  13. I am a returning player back from 3.0 and i don't know which gear to get first as chanter, focusing primarly on pvp (small scale). Should i get weapons, armor or accessories first ? Or a mix ?
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