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  1. December Event

    We only get 130 at best in League + white names... so no it's not LITERALLY 1:1 last time I argued with someone who said it is balance and they said they have 200+ Asmo League
  2. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    A lot of people are reading these comments and your childish comments and a lot of people are seeing how stupid and idiotic you are... so last comment for you 10 year old.. good job on making yourself look more idiotic than you already are
  3. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    DId you legit think OP really meant 4 to 1? are you really that fcking stupid? kid get out of the internet you're making yourself look dumb.. you are literally thinking 4 to 1 when what we meant is just that YOU asmos are outnumbering us... what a fcking stupid kid. IF YOU STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU STUPID KID I'M GONNA EXPLAIN IT TO YOU "THE OP JUST ASSUMED THE NUMBER BECAUSE YOU ARE OUTNUMBERING US!" YOU UNDERSTAND?? I don't think he """"""LITERALLY"""""" MEANT 4 to 1.. oh my god kid just get out? I don't know if you are being serious or just plain stupid as fck I was assuming that you were outnumbering us 2 to 1 but no I was wrong it was 1.5 to 1 IF YOU STILL CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT ASSUMING IS! GET OUT OF THE INTERNET KID! And also I notice you edited your comment out? instead of "and also got some inside info that you guys peaked at 170 in league.." you changed it to 140? did you feel dumb? or were you just making things up? I'm done, I don't wanna argue with somebody who believes on their own lies you make yourself look stupid day by day
  4. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    Oh my god it's like I'm talking to a 12 year old kid.. "seems to me the ONLY way siege would be fair in your guys eyes is if you outnumbered us" give us equal number lol I don't think there's ever a siege where we had an equal number lmao... "seems to me the ONLY way siege would be fair in your guys eyes is if you outnumbered us 4 to 1." Oh my god this is... I just can't... We only want an equal number, do you feel threatened? relax, jesus christ.. ""typical elyos same as every other server can't play without easy mode, can't siege with out having 4 times the numbers and all you derps do is zerg in open world yet we are the ones outnumbering you????"" Aren't you outnumbering us? 127+ vs 200+ can you not get that inside your head? or can you still not face the truth? We can't siege? Easy mode? we've almost beat you guys in divine where you guys had the most number in the history of Aion..(Well I guess not) ""and also got some inside info that you guys peaked at 170 in league.. stop twisting crap get good and listen to your leaders as that is the REAL issue here"" where did you get those numbers? Oh How I fcking wish we have 170 league but no at the start of the siege we had 115+. Stop twisting crap and get good and listen to your leaders? twisting crap what? You wanted evidence I gave you evidence and now you are saying we are twisting shit out? dude come on,stop.. just stop making things up.. and also we have been listening to our leaders since day 1 Siege.. I'm watching your vid and doesnt seem like Asmos are giving out orders? are you just throwing numbers? "you guys go and split each and every other way and get zerged cause you not with the masses." those that were behind you were dead elyos that just ress back and I was one of them I died after I tank for the elyos and ress back to my kisk.. "then claim we out number you 4 to 1.. did you not learn basic math in school.." well you do outnumber us but 4 to 1 is surely an exaggeration.. well I'm an upcoming registered nurse.. I guess we don't do math. "yes we out number you in siege but its not 4 to1 or anywhere close.. its about 1.5 to 1." Yeah dude we are sorry dude don't get hurt now and just relax a bit.. and don't type any more because you're just making yourself look more stupid.. stop being obnoxious and delusional.
  5. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    And also IF we had EVEN/EQUAL number on that siege WE WOULD DESTROY YOU because WE HAD a buff THAT INCREASES OUR HP 3x... THERE! made that Caps Lock so you would UNDERSTAND what I'm trying to SAY, okay? Also I remember something that there was a GM on YOUR SIDE TESTING your DAMAGE? yeah I think it was FOR THIS BUFF to make us EQUAL/EVEN...
  6. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    Did you not read? or don't you know how to read? "And yes I went to the back to take this photo and to let you see our numbers and YOUR numbers..." I went to the very back to take all of us in a single picture you wouldn't wonder why a Templar is in the back? I had 150K+ HP because of the buff and you still deleted me in 3-4 seconds with Iron skin ON.. And if there were more of us in the back wouldn't it show in the pic behind me? no there aren't! only green grass and nothingness... Come on stop making excuses.. It's all done, you outnumber us even if there were people behind me doesn't change the fact that there's just 127 in league. If we didn't had the buff we wouldn't be able to do any of that... FACE THE TRUTH!!!! STOP MAKING EXCUSES
  7. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    I'm sorry to burst your bubble but you said you guys are 200 asmos league + white names? we were only 127 in league plus those white names... And yes I went to the back to take this photo and to let you see our numbers and YOUR numbers... We had a buff to increase our HP 3x with 100k+ HP we are still struggling to even take down your gate... yeah this server is done for..
  8. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    yeah I'm sure they all have alts anyway I hope they are going to fix this imbalance somehow
  9. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    "Even number btw" you asmos are just bad and blame it on number saying that number is equal LMAO you asmos didnt even need the fcking artifact to beat our ass and you call it even number? yeah stop lying to yourself you guys need a whole group to kill a 1 elyos doing weekly quest
  10. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.