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  1. Again new patch messes up characters' looks...

    Actually the issue it's wider than you may think . In my legion I play on discord with like, 20 people. And we all have one or two of our characters involved in this. What we sorted out while talking about this, was the fact that characters involved are the ones that have not been modified after the major aestethical update that has been applied to aion some patches ago. At that time everyone got a free ticket to modify one of the characters involved in the process. Faces, eyes, mouth and strupture of the face were deeply involved in that, and we didn't get to fix it on every character. So what I did was to buy a Remodel character ticket and to fix the other char I was playing at that time. But now, that I get to play more, i noticed about this bug which adds even more to what have been done before. That's why it's critical to be fixed. I sent a ticket to the support anyway, and they are aware about this situation, they are working on it. Let's just hope it will be soon.
  2. NC. Danaria Elyos need your help.

    You're absolutely right. But as it has been tried multiple times, at least is something to do and to try again. I would surely appreciate any effort like that rather than nothing. I remember when it has been done on Kahrun like 3 or 4 years ago, they closed ELYOS side registrations because asmos were few. Problem is that elyos account creation has not been implemented again for months after that, and we ended up flipping the coin. Anyway, I hope that someone will read this thread, as everyone would, but we all know this is not gonna speed them up in the process of fixing it.
  3. I totally agree with your post and it's sad that there's no way to look like your character is meant to look. All the time that you need to do anything, you're supposed to transform. The Transparent transformation should be a default option that you NEED to be able to have on your char, without ANY payement. Why should I pay to look like Aion is designed to look ? As i mentioned in some other posts, you can't create a game and rule it somehow for 10 years and then put it upside down and just pretend that the people will just stay silent and accept your changes. Mostly if you ruin even the aestethical part of it, which is the main appeal of Aion, compared to other MMORPGs. By the way, broker fees are so unaccetable too. And the funny thing is that they didn't even mention about the kinah broker tax fee change on the Patch notes, like if they didn't even change anything about it. Then you sell 10kk of stuff and 1.5 kk it's of taxes. Even in real life I don't pay so many taxes, but on Aion I must do. No words...
  4. NC. Danaria Elyos need your help.

    We can fight how much we want on how the elyos are outnumbered on Danaria, which is actually true. But if until now no fix has been made to this, they are not going to do something now. I last did a siege where asmos where so many to cover my whole minimap. There always need to be a winner and when they'll finally see that we are 0% contribution by one year, they will probably end up saying that they didn't notice before, and that was our fault nor participating enough in sieges. Everything could be resolved closing new inscriptions in the asmos side on the server, while keeping open ours for a short time. But yea, as we know, we can wait a lot for that.
  5. I cant get the Candle Buff

    Same issue on one of my characters. They implement new rewards for returners and then they mess up with the upcoming event. And of course, they don't fix the fact you can't remove it. Classic.
  6. Crucible Spire seems a bit... hard

    I don't know if this is meant to be because we should have a better gear, since the ultimate gear gives you noticeable improvements in terms of stat, or what. What i noticed is that it's like crazy hard after floor 8 and almost impossible. At least for me. I wonder what kind of rewards awaits those who pass the whole tower since it's so difficult to do, a yearly refund of taxes, a life provision of nutella or kinder chocolate tablets? Who knows.
  7. Again new patch messes up characters' looks...

    4 characters out of 6 of mine, got mutated as eyes and by the previous update on general appearance. I did not receive a ticket by char but one by account, and this is not right since the update it's their content, not my choice. Now i have 4 out of 6 characters bugged and, it's not only annoying, it's frustrating that still they don't give us the chance AT LEAST of a free modify of the characters involved in the bug. It's crazy.
  8. White armor / weapons removed

    Hello, I would like to share with you this situation, because if it's not a bug then I would really underline the need on asking to NCSOFT to reconsider it, since I think it's critical. Every weapon / armor seller NPC has been deleted from major towns and capitals. This means that even if you drop a reskinnable (more than once) skin or weapon or armor, you are not able to reskin it to sell it on broker. This means that we will not be able anymore to sell skins on broker unless they are tradeable themselves. But this is not a problem, at least for me: the real problem is that if at anytime I would like to pass one of those skins /armors / weapons pieces on one of my other characters, i'm not able to do it, since every white weapon or armor that could be actually remodeled to do so since it's tradeable now has a note under them saying remodel unavailable. Aion has always been my favourite game since the remodeling / modify at own will of colours and appearance of you character was amazing and free of limits. Also, the dyes once sold in sanctum have been removed, and now it's not possible to dye your gear anymore for some kinahs in the 4 main colours (Blue, Aqua, Purple and Brown). I wonder why all this have been done, you can't allow for years people to remodel, dye, trade and wear stuff whenever they want and then deny ANY kind of trade or reskin or account sharing imposing a giant limit to everybody. You must consider that this update applies to EVERYONE, not only to new players but also to who lives this game since years and years. A new player might not notice, but who knows how it was handled before might have some concerns... This is not right, this is really one of the things i hated the most about this update. But the main question i make myself is just ... WHY? I mean Why aren't we able to trade anything or at least to share it in our account characters, or to sell skins, or to live our game as it always was. At least in term of character costumization. I can understand that you needed a critical update to fight gold sellers or whatever, but was this really necessary? If you support this post please consider on giving your opinion, I would like to know what do you guys think about this. Venere - Danaria - Elyos Server
  9. White armor / weapons removed

    As said I can understand it under a gameplay & instances aspect, but why does it need to interest also skins & remodel & personal preference appearance... I don't understand such change of possibility and permissions. As said is bad to allow everyone to do something and the day after to ban everything that before was permitted. But I guess that depends on each other's point of view, even if it does impact on how a person will play the game.
  10. Yea, I noticed also they implemented a low cooldown for low levels instances avoiding them to be farmed, like FT or Kromede.
  11. eyes not the same color

    Hi Maeveen-DN, yes this happened after the major update on 4 out of 6 of my total characters on my account. I sent a ticket to NCSOFT and what they suggested me is to delete Aion bin folder & relatives to let it repair..... Like if this could be a solution... I hope they will give us something to let us remodel them, since they were not like this before patch.