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  1. You know, I left aion NA more than one year ago after playing It since 2012. I moved to GF aion and I thought It would be the worst choice. I Am so sad to say that they are doing better than you. I logged into the game and the server is so dead that even illegally created servers are more populated and better followed by their producers. Everytime I come on here to follow up on the community I just reconfirm myself I did the right choice. Unfortunately there is nothing to joke about. I beg you, if you want this game to survive start thinking how to Keep them on Aion instead on showing th
  2. Jokes apart, I'm really disappointed by how you're managing the game lately. Everything is messed up. There's nothing really taken care about anymore. Some days ago I was discussing on the forum about how many people are leaving just after joining the game it again after the update, now if this is how you're going to handle all that is happening right now, the one leaving it will be probably me. Keep doing like this, and you'll soon lose ALL the community that you got back with 6.0. And then it'll be too late to think back. Good luck.
  3. Please GOD tell me that this is a joke and this is not pre christmas event we are looking to have by 1 month of complete silence, millions of bugs and stuff to fix that still is giving nightmares even to the deepest hell PLEASE PLEASE
  4. So i tried to check if someone already posted something about this and I can't find anything. If you knew or not this bug, is nice to know about it. Today I tried to manastone my pvp tunic, and looking at the broker I found some Magic Defense stones. I said to myself: "Why not, they are gonna reduce the damage intake" I tried to manastone my pvp tunic and that's what I got. "MAGIC DEFENCE" Stones are intended to be magic resistance one but due to a wrong translation they are called like "Magic Defense" "MAGICAL DEFENCE" instead are the ones supposed to give
  5. Sorry @Cyan, but after one month of CONTINOUS feedback by 100% of users, waiting is not an option anymore... When you'll lose half of the community, then you'll decide to act, but then it'll be too late. The moment to implement changes is now, to let everyone see you're supporting them and continously considering our feedback, now that the community is so full and the participation is so high. Otherwise, if losing customers is what you're "looking to have", because it's what we'll get if you don't put as a priority in a consideration the changes that the whole community is askin
  6. @Cyan can you have an eye on this please
  7. WHAT THE..... I'm speechless on how the response is always " WE ARE WORKING ON IT", "WE ARE FIXING THIS", "WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO", "WE ARE INVESTIGATING". I have no words on how things turned out. Even if I don't play on that server. And the conversation IS civil, everytime something is said to proof that this management is failing so hard in keeping this game alive, there's always a "keep things civil" advice, while things are not civil at all so far on Aion.
  8. Good evening guys, I am trying by days to use macros on my character, but everytime I create one and try to use it, my client crashes, giving me no chance to. I tried multiple kind of macros, multiple ways to build them or to fix them . I tried to repair. I tried everything and I cannot solve this issue. Is this happening to anybody out there? Is this a bug or a problem related to my client? Does anybody has the same situation as me? Everytime I think about the amount of bugs I have in this patch I'm like
  9. I guess that they didn't really consider the word "disadvantage" since they gave to half community a whole ultimate gear, not giving any chance to the other 60% of people to even get close to a legendary one, fairly upped to a decent upgrade. So yea, I guess we'll just deal with that too.
  10. So, just starting a new topic on new text issues found with the new patch adjustements made on 14th november. When you drop a Transformation Contract bundle in Mirash Sanctum or anywhere else, the name doesn't show up. Also, it does show up like this when looted. When you open the Gold Sand Traders, you can't see the name of the Transparent Scrolls Bundle, but just a orange bundle which costs 3 ingots, with no clues on what it's containing. Hope this can help you. @Cyan
  11. So first of all thank you for the interest put in having those things changed @Cyan. But I would like to let you know one or two things that I personally think are critical. - BROKER FEES : Oh MY God. I was expecting a fix for this by so long and I was SO SURE you would have do something about it, but you didn't. Cyan this is SO important. If you want to keep your fees higher than 10% i'm ok with it, I don't mind about how much kinah I need to waste to seel an Item, but the ITEM needs to be SOLD. Put all the fees to be paid at the end, when you already sold the item at least,
  12. I posted it to let everyone who had the same problem notice if they were not aware, I have been constructive I guess. Probably you have just not been in the same situation, that's why you don't care and you like to debate. But it's ok. If you get gifs in a offensive way, while they are just put there to defuse the situation, probably You should read better your words while typing, because I can find more double meanings shot at me in your posts than in Trump's elections.
  13. If we always think like this, if we always have to make everything fit well even if it is not right, then we would not have forums to debate or to share ideas or thoughts with other people. I think I never said to be entitled to have something, I just said what they are supposed to do as a support. Read well. Good luck you too.
  14. I can definitely understand what you're saying Afterglow, but we, players, should not care at all about having them to understand the issue, if you get my point. Yes, I did received back some of the crystals I've spent, but the refund is no way close to the amount of materials used to actually make the gear up to that enchantment. 1100 Crystals can be farmed in a week more of camps / dailies / quests, 150 pvp stones , surely can not. So that's what I'm saying. I got a support, i'm ok about it and I thanked the GM that got into care my ticket in the actual end (which
  15. Update After exchanging some more e-mails, NCsupport, understood that they had to do something about it and they refunded me with the number of Genesis Crystals I spent to buy the set. They did not return the enchantment stones I've used by no means, because they said that the RNG nature of the game, doesn't allow a correct refund of them... I tried then, to ask them to refund me at least the exact number of enchantment I did, which if you count by yourself, would be 33 stones. Still, they refused a complete refund. I got 1.116 Crystals from the exchange
  16. Good morning Unfortunately there is no way, at the moment, to fix the bug by yourself. I heard that some people still even keep the bug after remodelling their character. I tried to contact support for a remodel ticket to be used on my affected characters but they said no. They are working on it, that's what I got said. And i'm like
  17. The problem may be bigger than what I expected.
  18. Actually, I get triggered from the post itself, highlighting an out of space idea of having to try your best to get helped, not from "at least" itself. You know more than me, that when you have a problem and you write to the support, it's not your duty to find a solution, mostly if the error is not yours. And I guess you understand either that than my point of view.
  19. So you're basically saying that "AT LEAST", to get help I should be trying to find a way to get helped, spamming them with all the solutions until i find the right one? Is this a lot bet, a wheel of fortune or a support ticket? Maybe next time I should try, I don't know, to evoke a demon, exorcise a possessed or ask my grandma to not cook pasta for lunch. Maybe I'll get lucky and the support like this will help me out.
  20. Of couse that they are useable, God forbid I wouldn't dream of it... I appreciate your reference and since I play since 2010 I know very well what pairs what, but I should not have to guess or to play fortune wheel while buying something. I should believe what's written on it. I'm just saying that they are supposed to do something about it, because this didn't interest only me, but the whole game.
  21. Maybe you missed the last part where I posted my ticket to NCSOFT. I already sent one in and they didn't replace ANYTHING. They just told me "have a good day but we can't". I don't care, honestly, about future updates. I care about the fact that I wasted 3 weeks of playing, because of one single wrong translation. I can't play not taking in account what I have on me, because MAYBE I will never be able to enchant it. What if I am? I will have the wrong set and believe me, the difference is enormous. Just try to wear 2000 MR or 2000 MSupp and then let me know... Anyway, they are
  22. Good evening forum users. I read the forum every now and then to check how people are sharing their comments on this patch, on what's wrong about it and on what's good. I shared my comments too, highlighting what, in my opinion, has to be fixed. I can understand that 6.0 has brought a dramatic change in terms of aestethic, general development of characters, skills, removal of hundreds of stuff to introduce a lot more. For this reason I know that there are some mistakes that someone, while "reversing" a game upside down, could make and then battle with to fix them as the community suggest
  23. Me when I try to count with my fingers the bugs in this patch
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