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  1. Hey you guys, well... I need some help to understand what's happened to chanter? Cuz, last time i played was in 4.0 if i'm not wrong, and... Whem i logged today i saw some class who was supposet be a chanter but he didn't have any cc, or stun, or anything u know? it's so weird, see my dear chant without his cc, does't anyone know if is this some bug, or this is real? And what 'bout my extesible staff (lvl 65) who becames a piece of garbage. cuz if it is... Well... Maybe it wasn't a good idea get back u know? =\
  2. look I think the company are trying to take it off all healing off chanter and SW cuz from them we are not support anymore, we are DPS you gotta that dude? we are not healer anymore counter is much more like a glad what doesn't have aoe dps and SW it's much more like a sor and that's nothing we can do 'bout it, that's really, really annoying and sad at the same time.
  3. Zup u guys! I'm back to play a few days ago and I always play with chanter, and for me and I think for everyone else was like a classic doesn't have a DPS but have a lot of control like stuns, black bags,tumble and all controls in general, but now he doesn't have a control at all, but now he have a ton of damage,but the control doesn't exist anymore you know what I mean? I don't know, if they going to fix that or change that but looks weird. I know that're a bunch of people like who likes much DPS chanter and also have a bunch of people who hate him to have that so much DPS but truly I p
  4. Dude... Is it serious that the permanent titles have been removed? How it's supposed the new players to have a way of equating to the old players being that they have these vantagens as the titles?
  5. Sup u guys! i was playing to day and... i saw this new skills (Cleansing Recovery Spell) and i spent i most 1h looking for where did i get it, but i could find it. does anyone know where can i drop?
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