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  1. Server Down

    50x Transformation Contract (62 Types) 1x Ancient Transformation Contract (18 Types) 1x 30-day Prestige Pass 1x Daevanion Skill Box (10 Types) 10x Legendary PvE Enchantment Stones 10x Legendary PvP Enchantment Stones 3x Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stones 3x Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stones 5x Stigma Enchantment Stones 250,000,000 Kinah 250 Gold Ingots 4,000 Luna
  2. Entitled players?

    See I would agree with you, but then you have characters like my gladiator, with rng so horrible I ran all cooldowns from october to may never getting an ancient xform for my class(and even then getting only a couple, say like 4 or 6) having to get an useful xform from the flower event in the end. So while I half agree with lazyness(cause that's probably the case for a lot of people) RNG can still be a nyerk, specially in aion.
  3. EK Server First Primeth Forge

    Would you mind telling me what kind of gear and stats did you guys all have at the time? I'm trying to arrange a run with legion mates but I haven't been able to find the minimum requirements for PF. Thanks in advance =).