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  1. I just wasted 70 ancient stones and 10 legendary stones on my pvp ancient pole, still is at +10... Im not going to play this shit again if they dont fix this enchantment rate that nyerks the entire community.
  2. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    my boi blank <3 E V E R Y post i see you are whiteknighting SO nyerkING HARD NC and doubting E V E R Y thread that says ek is unbalanced so hard.
  3. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    what ivanka says is true, if you roam a while around lakrum you will see most of time asmodians have most of the artifacts captured, they zerg around in a nonstop 2/3vs1 while you try to quest, in sieges they always win, because of that they have better pvp gear. I have seen elyos faction put up the fight, we have made great effort to win sieges but seems like its not possible since they always have an abyssmal advantage. The only thing we want is that ncwest take care about their player base and work on to balance things.
  4. Can only use 32bit engine graphics?

    what did you do?