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  1. Aetherforging masterwork chance?

    Having made close to 3000 items now overall, I can say it is about 20% proc chance. The proc chance seems similar regardless of ancient/legendary/ultimate. I've only recently got an estate (EK server), so I can't confirm any changes due to that.
  2. Good Afternoon everyone! Many of you may know me from the EK server, and others may not. Anyone unaware, there is currently a severe issue on the EK server with GM favoritism, and questionable ethics. In the following post, I intend to outline the evidence leading to the assumption that there are multiple players cheating in depth. There are multiple GM's who play on Elyos EK. While this in itself is not a problem, as I fully believe GM's and CM's should be allowed to enjoy the game they moderate, most other AAA companies require that their GM's do not disclose their status in-game. Many times during siege, I have had people informing me that on the Elyos server, the GM's are well known among their group, and that those players have used their roles in order to gain standing in-game. During Lakrum sieges, players that have characters on the Elyos side will come to Asmo and state that "even the GM's thought that was a bad idea"; and similar statements. The fact that the top legion also contains MULTIPLE employees of NCWest is a dangerous precedent. While this alone does not prove wrongdoing, it adds fuel to the points to follow. There is also an argument to be made that Elyos bots have not been banned because the top elyos legion needs the mats, while elyos broker bots have been generally less active than Asmo by comparison - this argument is thin in evidence, but points out the danger the above situation can cause. There has been illegal gear given to Elyos EK. While Cyan has stated that this is a single occurrence, the general perception is that it is not. The original thread about the issue is below.In this thread, it was stated to be a one-time occurance, however EVEN ELYOS have stated they know of more than 1 player receiving this treatment. This was 4 days after the previous thread. Travis-EK - ". hahaha i dont really want to call the certain people out due to its not their fault its more of the developers fault. thoughts opinions?" Tohur-EK - " heard they getting sneaker about it so it doesn't spam the entire server with the upgrade.. @Cyan what are you guys doing about all these people on EK getting free Ultimate gear?" The Primeth Forge runs completed have stats that are extremely dubious. Primeth Forge's last boss takes very high dps, and extreme output in order to defeat. There are a couple videos floating around of these runs, which compared to DPS available are simply not possible given gear listed below. In one video, there are a set of gladiators with 80k+ hit points. Even with artifact buff (4000 hp), Blessing of Stone (25%), AND the "cheer" luna buff (5000 hp, not 10% as it says), this amount of HP can only be achieved on a gladiator in mostly purple/red mixed equipment. For comparison, a full purple gladiator with no buffs has about 56k hit points. Fully buffed, that same 56k would become 65k with stone, up to about 75k with full buffs. These stats, while not unobtainable, require a severe amount of gear to reach. Every player in PF needs to have exceptional gear to even come close to reaching a kill within 7 minutes. Having done multiple runs myself of PF, using cheer, full buffs, stacked damage, with everyone playing exceptional - the damage is nowhere close to what is shown in these videos, even with a full purple PvE geared group. The runs in question were made on the first 2 weeks of the server. I intend to offer the following points as to why this gear is extremely unlikely to get in that timeframe below. Elyos won 0 fort battles in the first 2 weeks of the server. Each loss awards 1 conqueror gemstone per person that attended. If we assume that Elyos fielded 150 players on average (a very high number, as they were typically around 100) for each of those, that would be a grand total of 1200 gemstones available to the entire faction. A full set of red gear takes roughly 780 gemstones (assuming a 20% proc chance, 2 handed weapon). It would take nearly an entire faction, coordinating gemstones, every single person offering their gemstones for sale - just to get 2 players in mostly red gear by the point of these kills. The amount of ultimate masterwork gear available would be extremely limited at the time these videos were made. Player Statements. At the end of one such video, one of the players in question states that he forgot to put on his "PvE Gear". At the time of the video, nobody would have had access to multitudes of ultimate PvE gear. Ultimate PvP gear would outclass any Legendary PvE gear by such a margin that Legendary PvE gear would not be used. What gear was he talking about putting on? If it was only Legendary, how would he have had the HP and stats as mentioned? The "MVP" players on the Elyos side are well known - players talk about getting destroyed in seconds in pvp against the same subset of [removed] players. [removed], [removed], and [removed] simply run over players in purple/red gear in PvP. [removed] and [removed] have been seen surviving in the middle of Ancient Temple for 5+ minutes with 10 or more guards on them on week 2 of the server. These are the same players that must be "extremely" geared as above. These players are notorious for destroying players in full Purple, or even partial red crafted gear in seconds. Anyone who has PvP'd extensively will tell you that attempting to hit somebody that overgears you significantly would result in almost no damage. These players must be in mostly red gear, or at least nearly full purple. Other players regularly seen in the same group have publicly lied about their gear in forum threads, twitch, and in-game. The players in question always have details disabled, except when they don't. These same players have had details off for the majority of playtime. Occasionally, when they have extreme stats from other sources, they enable details, such as during the most recent Lakrum siege. These players could be inspected wearing CoE, Mirash, and GC ancient gear. Many of them had only 1-2 purple items, if that. The gear shown during these times is not viable to do Primeth Forge successfully. The gear shown during these times is not viable to 100-0 someone in full purple masterwork conqueror's gear in 2 seconds. The gear shown during these times IS NOT THE GEAR THEY NORMALLY WEAR. Why would top players feel a need to show details only occasionally, intentionally saving and using old gear? You can fight these players (as well as others, no point in pasting 15+ profiles that have been gathered by the community) and see the damage they do. Have a character with this gear hit you, test the numbers - you will find that they DO NOT MATCH. Immediately following these times which they reveal details, they disable them once again. I have personally been attempting to /inspect every single encounter with these players, and have seen a noticeable damage difference when they have details enabled with poor gear, and when it is disabled. In addition, why would a player like [removed], who has a +15 Anomos weapon (extremely expensive P2W or insanely good RNG) have only Ancient gear? [removed images] Anomos - In addition to the above information, the EK server has had multiple questionable moments. Asmo has not reliably killed Anomos in almost 2 weeks. Every single time recently that Asmos have got Anomos into their camp, it has randomly reset and instantly teleported back to the middle. During these resets, Anomos is aggroed on a tank that is standing in the middle of the camp, and does not die. When Anomos spawns, there is almost always the [removed] waiting to take it to their camp; most recently with [removed] being ON TOP OF THE SPAWN when it spawned. Players that regularly farm the Frigida camps in that area have reported seeing no [removed] players, having it spawn, and before they can move the 100 feet to reach it, [removed] already has it in the camp.By no means is this full proof of wrongdoing, but when combined with the above information, it simply adds kindling to an already raging inferno. I've heard debate on the Anomos spawn timer, but the general consensus is that it is randomly within a 12 hour window. To be standing randomly on top of where it spawns, at 4AM, by raw chance, multiple times in a row is very, very lucky. Odin - After the recent debacle with compensation gear, a member of NC's Quality Assurance department was seen hanging around the Asmodian faction for a short time. I spoke with Odin briefly, explaining my severe distrust in the gear that was shown by the players above, and the fact that something was amiss. Odin affirmed that he would need "more information" to investigate. While we can only guess at the internal workings of NC, we can assume that Odin's presence was to gauge the reaction to the P2W thread's response made only slightly before, and determine the overall state of Asmodian side of the server. Unfortunately, most of the people that have come to me about these issues have done so in various Discord channels, as discussing it in-game generally simply induces unnecessary drama with limited evidence. To be clear, I do not think that a majority of Elyos have cheated. I believe that a small group of Elyos (likely 3-10) received gear they should not have. I believe this gear was used to propel a larger group thru content that should not have been viable at the time (easy Anomos aggro, PF, IDD). This "boost" of gear has simply accelerated the overall pace of the entire extended circle around those players to a drastic amount. I believe that the Asmodian side of EK deserves a proper and full investigation into the effect of having multiple NC employees playing publicly within the #1 legion on the Elyos side, while that same legion is consistently the center of the above evidence. I believe that Asmodians on EK deserve a conclusive report on HOW the compensation gear reached Elyos on this server, the exact details of every single piece that was mistaken and who it went to, what allowed that to happen, and what will be changed to prevent it happening in the future. For many, Asmodian-EK trust is at an all-time low in NC, with multiple players I have spoken to already feeling like quitting simply because they feel slighted due to the perceived impropriety of NC employees. Many of these players are players who pay significant amounts of cash into the cash shop and have purple/red gear already, and see others who they feel it likely that it was acquired unfairly. The only way to restore trust is for NC to actively work with the community as a whole, something that has not been happening. As a quick reply, I want to reiterate that this thread was designed to open up a civil and direct discussion with the NC team. Please refrain from harassing or attacking any players listed or mentioned. While the evidence listed above is only a portion of the amount I have received by those that have been investigating, it is not conclusive of wrong-doing of any single person or character. This thread is an attempt to air out some concerns that have been brought to me repeatedly in hopes to receive a proper response.
  3. The Elephant in the EK Room

    I would love to watch a stream of your dps in PF; preferably with you showing your gear at the beginning - as with what you have in the screenshot earlier that was seen during siege would absolutely not be able to pull 40k+ dps IMO. If you could stream next time you do a run from your PoV, and toss me a vod link, it would be appreciated. Thanks! To clear the air, I have not accused any player directly of cheating, and have reiterated that multiple times, and that was not the point of this thread. The point of this thread remains that NC has failed to reassure the Asmo community of the legitimacy of the game at this point in time. I have people come to me daily speaking of their distrust of things, how every time someone gets a +15 anomos weapon, they immediately feel like NC had something to do with it. Most of the time, there are legitimate and viable reasons; but the point of this thread was to bring up some of the more solid questions people have posed, and point out the fact that as a whole, very few people from Asmo trust NC to be fair while they have employees playing on Elyos. I'll get a dps meter next time I am in PF - our core group usually plays in evenings, and as we are only very close to clearing, we pretty much need the entire top-end group to do so. I'll get one next time I'm in there though (though it will likely be on my SM not my sorc, as we are running SM for the buffs/debuffs)
  4. The Elephant in the EK Room

    11k accuracy is almost reasonable. You would still get a few resist/misses, but not a ton, probably around 5-8% roughly. As a sorc, it wouldn't hurt you that bad compared to other classes that need chains much more. Our group requires 11k accuracy and 14k combined attack + pve attack to walk in the door with our group - and even with these stats, damage is still just a bit short of beating in time.
  5. The Elephant in the EK Room

    I brought these issues up to an NC employee acting formally as a representative of NC at the time, in private. I was informed in that discussion that investigations into potential GM abuse and similar issues would require more evidence. Since then, more was gathered by a multitude of players, and they passed it to me to make a forum post on behalf of everyone that was involved. In the past, GM's were returning broken stigma's to players that had spent a large amount of money, have banned players that were against themselves or their friends in arena, among other accusations and proof given in the past. I'm not saying it is happening this time, I am saying its enough that it should be looked at VERY carefully. It has also come to my attention that Cyan has left the Zephyr Legion due to the issues with the compensation gear and the way people could view it - which is both the right call to make, and unfortunate to have happen. Its clear that Cyan recognizes the issue with the optics surrounding this situation.
  6. The Elephant in the EK Room

    If you are using a +15 CoE tome over a +11 Firebrand, you are probably taking a minor dps loss even in PvE, depending on overall stats. In 6.2, PvE attack and PvP attack and Defense formula's were changed heavily. You may want to try it out a bit on dummies (or look up the formulas and plug in the numbers). Generally its more viable to use the higher grade item even if its not matched to PvP/PvE, though a +15 weapon MIGHT beat out the stats from a +11 of a grade up, simply because weapons scale very well in type-based attack at high plusses. I don't know the numbers off the top of my head, but you should probably look up the new formulas and some more information before touting your knowledge. Edit: after looking at both more in depth, its very likely the Legendary Firebrand is actually more dps, especially if you are reliably hitting high cast speeds with a good transform (or capping with cd's). The 4% cast speed difference might make up for the roughly 250 attack difference, and the 400 accuracy difference. Hard to say in this specific instance, but I would definitely recommend testing both ways. Edit 2: Its also very very likely you should be using your ultimate jewelry over those legendary accessories - again, it depends on the stats, but you likely are losing a tiny bit of damage on those as well. As a general rule of thumb, higher grade items simply beat lower grade in 6.2, regardless if they are pvp or pve.
  7. The Elephant in the EK Room

    There have been cases of GM's doing this in the past on other servers. There have been cases on EK of players receiving compensation gear that should not exist. Other EK players on the Elyos side have accused that people are getting free gear. Unfortunately, there's enough here to begin building a bit of a pattern that is worth investigating.
  8. The Elephant in the EK Room

    my Sorc in PF usually pulled 40 or so in full purples. Also, you have a purple weapon, and 6 pieces of red gear. Wonderful CoE +15!
  9. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Exceed pulling that DPS on frigida is immediately questionable if the gear as linked earlier is true. I would absolutely question that. I don't doubt your damage as a sorc in those shots, as mine can pull reasonably close with slightly less gear - seems reasonable. The issue is with a specific small set of players who seem to do damage WELL over the gear that they have. Seeing as you are part of Zephyr's core, could you confirm that the gear linked earlier in this thread is the same gear they use normally?
  10. The Elephant in the EK Room

    That actually is a very key point - cash shop and other progression is almost necessary because of the huge RNG gating the "F2P" way to gear. That said, crafting gear is absolutely the best way to gear as a F2P player right now.
  11. The Elephant in the EK Room

    I agree, I don't think its likely this will change, and its extremely hard to police any form of RMT done this way (compared to just friends helping others). Not really the point of this post though, but glad these issues were pointed out anyways!
  12. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Asmo is absolutely doing it. I don't know how many/who - but Monarch Gemstones are on the broker, and those come from IDD. Nobody on Asmo side has cleared IDD as a non-cross group.
  13. The Elephant in the EK Room

    The issue with cross server runs (as that was in response to), is that on other servers, players with pre-existing compensation gear, in an economy where +10 stigmas, omega stone exchange, and many other factors exist, can then use those to help gear people on a server where by design they cannot exist.
  14. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Don't get me wrong, you and Dog both pulled some absolutely amazing stunts, and I could tell you played well. That said, surviving in the middle of Ancient Temple against 10+ guards and 10+ players on you in week 2 of the server is definitely a bit strange - maybe there is something else going on, not sure. TBH, I havn't fought you enough outside of sieges with buffs to really have a feel for anything personally, just one of the names that came up regularly in discussion (same as a few others, but for those, their gear matches what people say usually).
  15. The Elephant in the EK Room

    It depends on your perspective if they are a problem or not. The core issue is that they have allowed players to utilize entire groups with compensation gear gained on other servers to push forward players on EK's new server at a faster pace than would be available otherwise. For some, this is a problem as it has damaged the normal pacing of gear.
  16. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Cross server runs are absolutely happening, whether they are simply friends in a legion or paid, who knows. They have happened on both sides of the server, and are definitely a problem. PF, there really aren't strats other than to stack up and dps, with a focus on killing the wizard and then cleaving the soldiers while focusing the boss. There are various AoE damage abilities the boss does, but all of them are basically "stack and heal". There is also a portal mechanic that isn't really viable to use.
  17. The Elephant in the EK Room

    PF is all about the proper numbers. That said, in the gear that was shown above, those numbers are not achievable with normal play. Period. Anyone who believes otherwise, I implore them to send me a combat log that is legitimate from a PF run where that is done. I openly offer to look at any evidence given to the contrary, but simply put, something is fishy. This post is not just about PF - many people here are glossing over the point - Asmo-EK faith in NC is completely destroyed after the compensation item, and people come to me constantly with concerns, many of which are pretty sketchy, and some of which seem legitimate. The problem isn't the PFs, its that NC has failed to reassure its community as a whole of the legitimacy of the EK server.
  18. The Elephant in the EK Room

    I've provided legitimate questions and concerns that many different members of the asmo side community have approached me with over the past week. I've provided documented information to back up some of these concerns. I've stated multiple times that we DO NOT KNOW anything specific, and in fact, this very post has called for an actual investigative response to the GM gear incident that happened, more than just a "we fixed it" type response.
  19. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Legendary PvE gear will be better in PvP than Ancient PvP gear, correct. You can test the numbers yourself. Equal grade gear, obviously pvp/pve stats matter, but going between grades, the difference in raw stats is significantly more powerful. This has always been my statement, and remains true - it can be tested as well. Oh, don't get me wrong, there ARE mechanics, but they all don't require any specific actions to counter. You outheal all the cleave damage, stay stacked so you remove the debuff, and cleave adds down on spawn, all within timer for boss. Its extremely basic, compared to any other fight in the game currently.
  20. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Stack up, cleave adds, win. Its not rocket science. There are actually mechanics that most groups in videos and the like DON"T do, such as the portals. Instead of attacking my person, why don't you try attacking the evidence I have placed forward instead?
  21. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Firstly, PF doesn't really have "mechanics" - its a fairly simple fight that involves simply having enough dps and heals to handle the add phase and make timer. Secondly, Gear in PvP isn't everything, but a large enough difference will negate all skill in 6.2 - simply put, a large gear differential will make it nearly impossible to deal reliable damage to the target - you would know this. Third, I made it clear in my post that I was not blaming Cyan, or any other person directly - I actually don't believe Cyan is in any way at fault for the issues (though I do believe there was a severe failure in communication around the compensation gear that would be related to him/her). I've provided quite a bit of evidence that was given to me by multiple people who wanted to make tons of posts, I simply have tried to put it all in one place. If you believe the statements about gear are false, I implore you to meet with me, leave inspect on, and test some numbers. I'd love to get a copy of a combat log from a PF fight, with a couple of screenshots of the gear used (assuming its the gear as is linked, if its not, and that gear shown is simply trolling, then my point remains as above).
  22. Gear Disparity current patch

    Very nice 3 legendary pieces... lets just forget to mention all those reds Unbeatable...Everyone I talked to that actually has pvp'd you knew you were Nyerking crazy to say you didn't have gear...
  23. P2W much?

    For those wondering, this item is the item you receive as compensation gear for the 6.2 patch. EK is a new server, and no compensation gear is possible to be received. This should be impossible.