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  1. I am finally trully happy with a maintenance since october 24th. Thanks god nc employees finally put on the effort they can on the game.
  2. how many gems to morph a stone bundle?
  3. I dont agree at all with this. Making chanter or sw heal as much as cleric will just make cleric useless, since chanter and sw buff the group dmg, while clerics dont. It will become just like Tera, where for a long ass time nobody invited Priests because Mystics could provide the same heal plus dmg buffs to the party. The way its right now its the best. Sw focus more on mana drain, chanter on buffs and being the 2nd support and cleric the main healer. Cant be done better than it.
  4. Ive done FM plenty of times. period. What message are u talking about then? Because its not the one that says "Greater or Smuggler Shuri.. wtver will spawn soon", thats for sure. If it was the case, then explain to me how come the message (shugo spawn) show up after u kill the pods and not in the beginning MULTIPLE times?
  5. I dont think any chanter focus on heal only (now that chanters got a competitive dps) in PF anyways and i would say that the skill really plays a major role in PF, its important, not impossible to do without it at least in the old servers.
  6. "Have you ever done FM" have u read the part that i said i do 25 runs of FM? I am sry, but u know alot less than the people that actually do shugo run for real, so pls, dont try to be rude with the people that have had shugos spawning alot more than you because we do all the pods all the way up. No, the "shugo" area is not the whole instance, if U EVER DONE FM would know that theres 4 spots for it to spawn and it only spawns whenever u go through that area (1st spot when u glide down, 2nd spot after the 1st pod, 3rd 2nd pod, 4th 3rd pod).
  7. Theres a really minimal chance of getting legendary out of CoE, most likely to be 5% chance or even less. I got it myself one time, but the chances are hella low. So i wouldnt really count the shugo from CoE as a source of getting the daevanion.
  8. I mean, if u only entering FM and getting out, of course u are going to get 3x less chances of getting a shugo to pop in each run. If u tell me that u go through all the spots or the majority of the instance, then ok. In anyway, i do think it was nerfed.
  9. I do 65+ runs a week and this week i got 4 shugos to spawn (2 smugglers and 2 great). Guess what? i got more duplicated skills. At this point i am beyond frustrated, this image might explain better:
  10. I can relate to u, but i do 65+ runs a week (PF/BoS/FM), got 4 shugos this week (2 smugglers, 2 great), 2 of them in BoS out of 25 runs. I do have a feeling they were nerfed because some friends used to do it in the first week 30+ runs of each instance and they say it used to spawn alot more than it does now.
  11. Huh, my post when i said i do 20 runs a week is because i am doing exactly what u just said. I am not doing 20 runs a week with a group, i am doing all of them solo. Now i am doing 25 of each, since i lvled ANOTHER alt. This week i counted how many runs i got and how many shugos i got : 65 run and i got 3 shugos (2 great and 1 smuggler). I have some friends that used to do 30 runs of each instance in the first week and they said they used to get ALOT more shugos appearing and that they suspect it was nerfed. And btw the shugo message u get in fm when u enter in the mob area is just ONE o
  12. 10 books per week? i wish, i barely get shugos to even pop and when they do i am usually in a full group on my main. Its so frustrating. I do 20 runs a week of each instance (BoS/FM/CoE/PF) yet i got like 3 shugos while all of em were smuggler, in the end 1 daevanion box dat gave me the same skill i already had.
  13. Thanks Hime for the official information in this thread. It was extremely important for us as a community to know what happened in the end.
  14. My theory was the same as aly as soon as i saw the weapon popping in my chat. The problem of aion is people trying to get advantage in anyway they can and its even worse when we have a support that doesnt know anything about the game. Another day i asked in a ticket something about Ashunatal Dredgion and the GM told me it was an instance for lvls below 75! LOL. Ncwest really need to hire people to work in support that have at least a little bit of knowledge about the game, no need for them to know how to beat the hardest dungeon or whatever, just the basic things about the game.
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