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  1. Arena 1v1 Aethertech

    Nice Shugo Console. I wouldn't post that here if I were you though.....
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 20, 2019

    You can take your 1 Ultimate PVP stone and shove it up your ***. It's no good to us since it has a chance to fail. And only 1? Really ? Wow.....
  3. 6.2 was the best patch but not in NA

    No they weren't. 6.0 in KR had better rates already.
  4. People randomly getting banned

    Meh, I stopped playing a long time ago, so :shrug: But yeah, in case of a ban, people shouldn't care what other players say, until the ban arrives. Only then should they send a ticket to NC. Otherwise there's no need to mind those ,,Ima report you'' nubs
  5. People randomly getting banned

    Better be careful y'all. This sh** has been going on on KT server too. I'm an elyos btw. But there's this asmodian sorc named RedSmoke who kept shouting at me that I hack. LOL ? -_^ I went on my asmo to talk with him, and he was like ,,I had 4 elyos banned till now. 1 from Limited Edition, 2 from Clarity and 1 from Wakanda Forever. Keep telling yourself that you're not cheating, but I'll still report you.'' I asked him if he has any proof of my ,,hacking''. Because APPARENTLY if you kill a nub that wears Lakrum gear with your OP Ancient +10, means you hack gear and atk speed. He said ,,There are many ways to hide your hacks.'' That guy is hopeless. So I just switched back to my elyos. @Cyan @Hime Please investigate these complaints from ppl like RedSmoke. Players might get banned because of idiots like him.
  6. Ideas for Events Rewards

    Greetings NC and fellow players. I have made a list of rewards I believe are the most needed in game that should drop if not this event, then in the future ones. I also stated my motives why I chose them. Feel free to leave your opinion here. The list starts from the common needed stuff to the most needed ones: 1. HP&MP Potions OR Kinah bundle 2. Power Shards 3. Fragments of the Fighting Spirit 4. Cubics 5. A-B Minium and Minion Contracts 6. Transparent scrolls 7. Transformation Contracts 8. Stigma Enchantment Stones 9. Weapon skins (Void, Thunder, Fire and Water Dragons) 10. Daevanion Skill Book (of choice) 11. Legendary PVP/PVE Enchantment Stones bundles (of choice) Reason for no. 1 is to give something to players that fail that wouldn't make them feel like total losers. Reason for no. 2 is to give them something useful in both pvp and pve. Reason for no. 3 is because many players started a fresh new class in 6.2 and they are very low on cash, so they're not able to purchase so much pvp gear to break it. Selling mats on broker doesn't feel profitable anymore since (for example) yellow mats used to cost 100k/piece and now they're less than 9k/piece. Reason for no. 4 is because WHY NOT Reason for no. 5 is that those who played 5.x were able to get A minions and evolved them to max. New characters in 6.2 (like myself) only got B contracts and C Minium Reason for no. 6. I don't even need to tell you why. P2W to look like my character feels like crap. So yeah....u get my point.... No. 7. Now...no. 7 is not THAT much needed, because thankfully now they drop in instances. However, the rate for a yellow (not to mention legendary) to drop are SO LOW that just by getting a few per week wont give us much. At least give us more resources to get commons/greens so that we could combine them. No. 8 is just because. Here comes the good stuff. No. 9 and all that comes after is a must. Same reason like no. 3 and 5. Those skins are needed (in my opinion) and also nowhere to be found (or at least I don't know any, except for broker which will run out soon). They are 5.x content and I haven't seen them anywhere ever since 6.2 hit. No. 10 is because the Shugo spawns very, very rare. I've done CoE and BoS 4/4 every week ever since the patch hit and I've only seen 2 shugos. No. 11 is because of you, NC. If the rates were better or BCM would have them (talk about the pvp ones) life would go as it supposed to when KR invented the patch. Smoothly. @Cyan I hope you and your devs take the time to read this and take at least some of them in consideration. We don't need anything else. Anything other than these is a mockery towards us. Everyone else, please let me know what you think. I'd be happy to hear your opinion.
  7. Wtf 2 free contracts per week ? I'm seriously thinking of switching to EU. The ping I used to have there was 50ms. Here I have 300 And I started from scratch on NA anyway because APARENTLY ppl with unpurified +15 Prime didn't get shit. So wether I start there or here is just a matter of 3 weeks of grinding for Ancient gear. However....I made friends here and Idk if I wanna leave them. NA better give us something good. @Cyan And here I thought NA gives a shit more than EU. Need to reconsider.
  8. Ideas for Events Rewards

    Ok....the MAJORITY don't need them anymore. But may I ask why do you have so many after 2 months in this patch ?
  9. Ideas for Events Rewards

    I know. It should be. But since it's not, I thought maybe we can get some more of them through events
  10. Ideas for Events Rewards

    I get your point. However, here are several things you need to consider. First, Fire Dragon King was the only Dragon skin we had until 5.0. And the skill that it has it is quite useless in this patch since a 850 fire dmg on a 70k enemy wont make any difference. Second, along with 5.0, new skins came out with valuable stats. Thunder gives running speed which is useful when you need to run from enemies. Many players that had their gear purified to +20 or more got the Sprint skill just from that and they can still use it today. New players/characters don't so I think we might need it too. Water dragon has a shield. Again, ppl with purified gear have the empirean shield skill from their gear (the one that absorbs 10% of the dmg). And Void Dragon is kinda the most OP between these. The 15 seconds of extra speed and atk speed when your HP falls bellow something% seems like a good deal to me. And third thing, gear skins are useless if NC wont give us more resources to acquire Transparent Scrolls. And p2w is not an option. I'd rather pay irl money on a skin that would give me stats, than to pay NC to allow me to look like my character. Thanks for the feedback tho
  11. Ideas for Events Rewards

    If you mean Aether Jelly 4.000 DP, then yeah, I guess that wouldn't be a bad idea. And the AP pots....I believe you talk about the ones that heal you for a large amount of HP ? Well, I've heard there are pots that can heal up to 20 or 25% of your current HP, so I don't know if the old AP ones are a must. However, I kept the list short because adding too many common rewards to it would make them drop too often. Like, NC would have where to choose from. And the most needed rewards would have a very low drop rate. If you remember, we had Smoldering Fire Temple event. 90% of the times you'd get Spinel Coins or Ancient Relics, and 10% of the times you'd get Omegas/Temperings. In my opinion, the most Rewarding event, that gave you the feeling of accomplishment and was also fun, was Daeva's Dash. I'd love to see that event again. It was motivating and fun at the same time
  12. Ideas for Events Rewards

    I thought about it, but I wasn't sure if they can break the Korean system that far. Korea doesn't have them either (unless you have from previous patches), so I don't think NC would give us any. They barely added Transformation Contracts in dungeons and changed the broker fee by a small amount after months of complaints from us. If I was a dev, that's how I'd make the next event. But I'm not, so I can only suggest them to @Cyan. Let's be happy if they even consider to read it.
  13. Ideas for Events Rewards

    Agreed. Now that omegas and temperings are gone, the NPCs in Sanctum and Pandaemonium are useless. Nobody needs them anymore after 2 months in this patch. NC might as well remove them or replace them with a Christmas Tree or something.
  14. Don't be a jerk, NC :D

    I would like to wish NC an early Merry Christmas and this song for them regarding the next week Event Rewards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWWXsYtbkc0
  15. nice new paint squirt class

    I was expecting a giant brush
  16. nice new paint squirt class

    I don't think paint is considered physical attack. It will most likely be close to water dmg. And I'm sure no one wants a magic class in the highest HP type of gear. To me it looks kinda like the desert part of Enshar.
  17. P2W much?

    And yet it happened. So all the work I've done to enchant s***t in 5.x brought me nothing (cuz it was not purified), but players on NEW server got them ??????????
  18. Sorc PVP set 6.2

    Welcome to Aion. We have no warlocks in here. But we do have sorcerers, spiritmasters and songwearers. Good day
  19. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    Well, after 6 and a half years of playing this, I finally uninstalled the game. Will the game get better in the future? I don't know. Will it still exist? I can't say. Will I come back to even check it? Nope. And let me tell you why. I've realized that Aion was like a drug. It's bad for us but we want to find an excuse to continue playing it. I am not telling people to do the same, but I am advising you to. I consumed my energy and wasted many days in this game. There is more out there than this. I expect this post to be deleted, since it doesn't benefit NC Good luck people and thank you all for being here <3
  20. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    Agreed. Shard drop should not be nerfed. It's just the idea of selling them in BCM when that's actually not needed. The Shard drop is one of the good things that NC kept from the KR patch. Let it be the way it is.
  21. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    I know that shards are easy to farm, but please don't call Cyan stupid. He's just a messenger. On another topic, I like the GP change. Makes sense now that the game is played by fewer people. I also like the loading and ending screen idea. It feels nice. Skill bugs ? Glad to see they're fixed too. The Luna UI reward list ? Yep...good thing too. I was kinda confused about that too lel. I also like the Transformation Scroll drop list. All that remains is to have a decent chance of getting Yellows, if not Purple, from time to time. But now.....what I do have to agree with is the event idea. If we get fewer events, people will have less rewards/sources to enchant, transform, get supplies such as HP pots, food etc. At the end of the day, PVP is the main goal for this game. I heard people calling themselves PVE heroes. Or back in 5.x others saying ,,oh nice +20 pvp gear, but I have Master Harvester +27''. No. PVE is only a way to get what you need for your PVP gear. Nothing else. All the drops, all the kinah, the materials, the mobs you kill, the transformations....Everything, is to get the means to upgrade and maintain your PVP. And you don't necessarily need +15 Red PVE to do that. Purple +5 is doing just fine. Which brings me back to my main topic: I have no problem with PVE Enchantment Stones on BCM. Let them be. People might actually buy them. But to reach our main goal, we need a stable source of PVP Enchantment Stones as well. @Cyan , be it as it may, on BCM or events....please....give us a source of PVP stones too (and higher rates, but it's ok, step by step >.>). Otherwise everyone, old and new players, will run out of stones very, very soon.
  22. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    No, you're wrong. 1. Aion 6.2 was never meant to be painful. It was meant to be the most pleasant patch ever. But NC (and EU) mingled with it and changed what was meant to be a beautiful and little bit grindy, into another slavery. What's worse is that you can't even use real money to escape from it. 2. I've been playing since 3.7. I'm not a new player. I made friends and I'm was not going to move on a new server just because other people that spent more cash than I did now have Purple/Red gear and get to have an easier time farming around without worrying they'd get killed. I know this is not NC's fault, it's how the Korean patch is, but in my opinion, the gear exchange should have never existed. Instead, they should have gotten like a better AP price for their 5.x gear fit for the enchantment lvl. This way, we'd all be equal in gear. Weekly maintenance today. If nothing changes again, then NC is just messing with us.
  23. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    You're actually missing more points than you think. People can't even use their wallets to enchant their PVP gear, because guess what..... NA doesn't have PVP stones on BCM like Korea. And since the only places where we can find them are sieges, dredgions and IDLs, good luck on getting a Legendary stone out of that. Making around 5 stones per week is painful, and most of them are Ancient. Totally useless for Legendary and above. So yeah, unless you paid cash before 6.2 to get temperings, even if you'd play this patch for the next 50 years, I don't think you can get anything Red to +15. Not with these rates, not with this small number of stones.