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  1. @Hime what about Shattered Abyssal Splinter? Some weeks ago the entrance for AS was gone and they fixed it the same day. Can't be that hard to fix lel
  2. @Loki Can we have an ETA on when Minion Vault and Abyssal Splinter will be fixed? The only way to catch up the real end game (not talking about gear) is grinding this instances to be honest. If we can't do they, we're stuck in game progress without rank S minion and advanced daevanions.
  3. thank you for this thread Loki! I really hope they fix both minion vault and abyssal splinter SOON, cause they are very necessary to speed up status and skill progression.
  4. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    Minion Vault and Abyssal Splinter aren't avaliable at all. dat sucks
  5. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    SWs will remain Tier S class even in 7.7 Balancing isn't nerfing. Also reducing their nukes won't make the classe hurt less in PVP as Violeta said, and still they are top tier, wich is stupid.
  6. @Hime not only Gatekeeper and weapon chests aren't spwaning. The arctifacts that boosts attack and defense (wich are extremely helpful to mid-geared players) aren't appearing too. This instance looks completely bugged and not functional, except for the reward box that still spawns if you achieve 1kk dps
  7. Why is this coming back?

    only a few korean players got this gear past +5 and even at this enchantment level, Dark Talon gear remains superior. Its only worth it after +7 or so wich is extremely difficult to get
  8. Katalam bugged again

    another reset. WOW, katalam is getting multiple instance resets this week. imbalanced.
  9. Why are Cygnia and Enshar removed in 7.5?

    why? hahaha
  10. Why are Cygnia and Enshar removed in 7.5?

    Ereshkigal turned Cygnea/Enshar archipelago in an enormous iceberg, didn't she?
  11. Farewell Daevas!

    Vantheria has obtained <Ultimate Sovereign's Teardrops> from AltToxicPlayer
  12. As kelekelio said, they can shapeshift and fit between genders too. Also, Beritra absorbed the powers of Genesis Relic after the defeat of Ereshkigal in Veilenthrone/Senekta, we still don't know what he plans to do with this power. It was very likely that he would ressurect Apsu since the genesis relic have the power of creation.
  13. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! Kelekelio (the owner of Aion Powerbook) uploaded a new cutscene to his youtube channel, where you can see Inanna accepting the inherit of all Apsu’s powers and his crown, becoming extremely powerful. The scene is just a view of the future that the Artifact of Time provides for the player with the help of Irinin. You can see that the (incomplete/placeholder ?) asset used to characterize Apsu is male and his voice is also male. There is evidence in the game that Balaur are shapeshifters and can choose the gender which they identify, but it is interesting to know that both Beritra and Apsu are probably male. The lore of the game shows that the two were very close and loved each other a long time ago. Fun fact: both ascended to Balaur at the same time, a sign of a strong bond between them. Apsu used to be the original 5th Dragon Lord before Tiamat betrayed and killed him/her;
  14. thank you Kelekelio. I made this post before you confirmed that the "male" placeholder was due to a crash in your client and the real thing was just a shadow. But I think it don't change much about the possibility of both Beritra and Apsu using the male gender as a corporal manifestation and yet loving each other. I think we have to wait the next patch to confirm? I would love more conversation between the dragon lords (all of them) but they don't interact too much as the game goes on, thats bad. And (oops) he did it again during Primeth's Forge events.
  15. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    wtf was that? I'd give you a C+ for this fanfic
  16. Yes, this is true! Also if you check the comics released by NCsoft Korea during the 5.6 events, the balaur who found Ereshkigal talk to the other balaur that he is as a male (this case is not a translation mistake), at this time I believe primitive drakan forms didnt have any gender at all, but this info can be used to confirm that modern balaur are shapeshifters and can "perform" the gender that they identifies better with. another fun fact: there is an Asmodian General in Gelkmaros that is transexual, as she is female who identifies as a male and is treated as a male by other daevas. The conversation with that NPC is about his gender.
  17. [7.5] Character XP Chart

    wow inb4 people reaching lv.80 in 1,5 hours
  18. Farewell Daevas!

    I hope you enjoy your life off Aion/NCsoft and have success in your news projects. thanks for everything Cyan. best wishes!!
  19. @Cyan Me and my friends are running FM in multiple characters (as everybody lol) to farm Sovereign gear and we're disconnecting at the same time, causing our instance to close and losing the loot. There are more people having the same issues and getting disconnets all the time already sent a ticket to support but i'm sure they will copy paste a reply
  20. you simply don't know where to find it because Kelekelio is translating korean patch notes on Aion Powerbook to english like for years. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Odian you can find all Odians here. You have to check one by one but the odians for your class will be somewhat grouped in this list. You can also search (control+F) typing your class name in korean
  21. Abyssal Splinter Gone?

    it is class based. the main reward from daily ranks are quna (Luna) and varies between 80 and 20 per character but I think there are other rewards the would be nice to get in a daily basis too
  22. Abyssal Splinter Gone?

    I know its asking for TOO MUCH but would be nice if we get daily ranks for Abyssal Splinter just like Korean and Russian servers
  23. The Abyss

    I will never accept the way they rushed Ereshkigal to its end. SHE DESERVED MOARRRRR and yes, she destroyed Abyss to pieces and made a meteor rain to Atreia. (that was NCsoft lazy way to show how powerful she is)
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 26, 2020

    @Cyan so the hearts event will end without Asmodians getting their compensation for Chocolate Baskets? We're still geting only one chocolate from it. I hope they fix it because EU fixed after player complains.