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  1. Exploits approved and encouraged

    if you're not under geared, you are just pretty bad. I can do it on my gunner using full libertas and rescue all the shugos without exploiting the mecha. If you have a +15 PVE weapon (wich is really easy on ancients) and some daevanion skills, most classes can do it ok
  2. sm

    SM isn't as broken as Aethertech in this patch people who cries because of fear lock never faced an Aethertech in this patch
  3. The veilenthrone

    as soon as 7.0 hits the live servers, T2 sets will become too powerful and easier to farm for anyone to waste time on Veienlthrone, even if its get nerfed as hell (wich is NOT the case). So people will only do it for skins (not sure hehe)
  4. Bye bye Bless Online

    wich Buff a SM can dispel from frigida? our group can do it with the initial time, we have enough dps, but I just want to know maybe to bring alts to our group hehe
  5. Decent event rewards

    this is not even a reward from this event
  6. We got 6.7 two weeks before EU, they only announced first
  7. If you want an estimate keep looking EU Community. When they announce 7.0 we get it 2 weeks ~ 4 weeks before them
  8. Korean NCsoft started today a countdown to the new update. The mini patch is called 'Era of The Legendary Daeva' and will bring back 'Red Katalam' (the original name of both maps Katalam + Danaria) as a new zone. It is probably a nostalgic event/instanced server like Eye of Tiamaranta. New content will also be on the patch. New maps, new floors to Crucible Spire, ultimate xform [Marchutan] plus a bunch of lesser transformations. More to come, the release date is May 22 thank to kyuubear an EU player, who translated most things.
  9. Event boosted drop rates are capped at 75%?

    maybe its a hard cap to every drop? I don't know. I got 3 daevanion skills out of 3 red shugos with Berdin Drop + Server Drop boost but i think the drop rate was something around 75% too
  10. 7.2 Enchanted +15 Daevanion Skills

    theres an item that prevents the level reduction of daevanion upon enchanting failures we never got it here in NA. i don't know exactly what item is it
  11. 7.2 Enchanted +15 Daevanion Skills

    added comments and additional info I got from official sources
  12. Cleansing Spell got its duration back to 10s with dispels every 3s. The healing increased from 9,600 to 11,994
  13. yes! Rejuvenating Spell heals 3842 HP every 2s during 12s (instead of 10) 23k HP. Its kinda broken again I think
  14. taking the chances of getting one legendary skillbook AND sucessfully enchanting it, this thing is beyond impossible lol. btw, the improvements on chanter healings are pretty nice!! one more dispel and +2s duration on Rejuvenation Spell WANT
  15. anyone knows what this change on skills means?
  16. New ultimate xform Marchutan will be a bit CASTER oriented (but excellent for any type of class since it will cap anyone ofc). He also brings PVP Status to xform, that will be nerfed like hell for us
  17. Mystery Legendary PVP Stone?

    got one too long time ago. the chances are really low
  18. New Trailer: Aion KR Update May 22, 2019

    already posted
  19. New EU world drop.

    eh. I agree with you on that part. the problem is that ncsfot wont punish those 'botters' (the ones who bot on main characters) Maybe dropping from instances would be better, just like omegas in the past
  20. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    so. hm... and the compesation is?
  21. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    I call it a balance, not a nerf. popping a buff and wiping a party of players isn't supposed to be balanced. just like Revenating Spell used to be a GODLY skill while affected by Healing Boost.
  22. New EU world drop.

    they're all untradeable / cannot be brokered on EU. Don't know how it would incentivize botting
  23. aion is dying

    not sure. I agree with you both. I never tought I would say that, but 5.x was better than 6.x and I was so hopeful that Aion Refly could save this game LOL big mistake
  24. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    you mean every patch, right? AT never was a low tier class in this game and never will be, due to its low (overall) playerbase. Also gladies got the base damage of its skill increased by a wooping 40% in 6.5, not that they needed, but its NCsoft