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  1. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    they're getting 6.5 on feb too gurl... seriously? you better stay quiet. Nothing in this patch is close to reasonable when we're talking about kinah and economy
  2. Ultimatie stones works that way since aion 6.0
  3. The OP must be playing another game rather than Aion 6.2 Chanters can solo heal any content on this patch if you have Rejuvanating Spell and a simple CoE Healing Boost set. Even Primeth can be done without clerics IF your group can win the accuracy x evasion/MR wall on Frigida's stats. Overall Chanters are broken beyond words in this patch: timed dispel, OP spammable group heal, massive DPS in a very low cooldown basis, OP shields They will nerf the class a bit in 6.5, most the dps part, but chanters will still run fine on everything
  4. So, the new Skill database is out, and I was mining the changes on priests! I think they did relevant changes on the priest classes, because during 6x patch both Cleric and Chanter are able to provide support while causing insane ammounts of DPS. Also, Chanter lost his ability to boost Magical Status, and the price for cleric to be DPS / Support is a bit higher now. Check out: Cleric Benevolence: Increases Healing Boost by 400. New effect: descreases Magical Attack by 400. Splendor of Recovery: The skill no longer provides the Heal over time effect. Ripple of Purification: Removes up to 5 abnormal conditions cast on you and up to 6 group members within a 25 m radius of you, and also recovers 5979 HP. New effect: Additionally recovers their HP by 1383 every 2s for 14s. Word of Destruction: The skill no longer reduces Healing Effects on affected targets. The skill no longer requires DP to be used. Cooldown reduced to 2m. Sacrificial Power: Increases your Magic Accuracy by 1500, Magic Attack by 1000, and Magic Crit by 1000, in exchange for losing Healing Boost by 1000. Active Skill. Salvation: The skill is back to Cleric list, and costs 2k DP. Same effect as before Saving Grace: No longer heals. The skill increases Magic Defense and Physical Defense by 500 for 30s. Enfeebling Burst: No longer deals damage. The skill descreases the target's Physical Attack and Magical Attack by 500 for 30s. Chanter Word of Inspiration: The skill no longer affects the whole group.The skill no longer gives Magical Attack status. New effect: Self buff. Increases the caster's Physical Attack, Accuracy, Crit Strike and Healing Boost by 500. Protective Ward: The skill no longer costs MP. Requires 2000 DP to be cast. New effect: Shield duration increased to 20s. Healing Boost increased to 500. Word of Instigation: The skill no longer gives Magical Attack status. Increases the group's Physical Attack, Accuracy and Crit Strike by 500. Stamina Restoration: New effect: Restores 6081 HP and 6081 MP, and for 10s, boosts the caster's Healing Boost by 300. Ressonant Strike: Cooldown descreased from 2m to 30s. Debilitating Incantation: New effect: descreases the target's Magical Defense and Physical Defense by 500 for 15s. Curtain of Light: The skill no longer provides the Heal over time effect. Cooldown reduced from 2m to 1m30s. Block capacity boosted to 30000 HP. Healing Conduit: Healing effect was greatly increased, from 81 to 500 per hit. Numbing Blow: Base damage increased by 100%. Word of Wind: The skill no longer requires DP to be used. I think the changes are (mostly) nice. They kinda ressurected Ascension Spell with the new effect of Word of Inspiration, and I love it! +500 Healing Boost? wooooooooooping! But Protective Ward becoming a DP skill is bad I will mark some priests I know in this thread, I hope you like it guys @Vantheria-DN @Jella-DN @Hinotori-DN @Bryos-DN @Edmond-KT @Aly-DN @XOliviaX-DN @Gabe-DN @Capa-KT
  5. What's wrong with the eyes of some characters?

    they're on hype for Inanna, the half balaur / half daeva with double-colored eyes that will debut on 7.0
  6. The power of Ereshkigal

    this certainly makes Ereshkigal the most powerful dragon lord. I'm happy with this
  7. ABSURD retune prices

    Excluding the Luna mini-games and cash grabs they're just different names for items with the same purpose/effect, wow

    Its not a ninja nerf. This was an intended balance done by Korean team during one of the 6.2 mini patch. Most of chanter skills got those balance too but we didn't got a patch note about it on NA, wich is sad. Just accept it, you won't have an ambush in a 2k damage base anymore and this is part of 6.2 updates
  9. Yes, I know, I saw it on the balance laboratory blog. But I can't edit the op anymore
  10. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    I must agree. Also I was thiking that WOI got a HB buff, not a descrease. That's justify why Stamina Restoration got that 10s +300 healing boost, but still, we lost protective ward and now its a skill locked on DP
  11. Aion 7.0 All Class Skill Changes

    @Primatus-DN sorcerers got most of their DPS skills nerfed, not boosted. You can check powerbook, it may be a mistranslation
  12. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    Chanters will be very fun. Awesome change on Stamina Restoration and Ressonant Strike I like how Word of Inspiration will become the "Lucidity" of this patch! And finally some crit strike buff. Also Healing Conduit looks nice now! But, so sad we lost the hability to buff magical attack do you know if Rejuvenating Spell remains AoE group heal?
  13. Transformation Contracts - What a ripoff

    I was lucky enough to open 6 Daevanion Skill Box and got one of each, not a single dupe. A fiend of mine openned a dozen and only have 4 skills (counting the CoE one).
  14. check the skill list on aion powerbook https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Main_Page
  15. AIon 7.0

    Except if we are jumping centuries in time skip, this makes no sense at all. How Stellucia industries and all those ancient altars AND Aspu's castle/land (?) are in the same region where kaldor used to be and was kept in secret all this time? Even if it was 'close' but not the same place, theres a lot of flaws in this new region background story I don't like it. Looks like a fanfic of the game tbh
  16. AIon 7.0

    I am trying to accept this fact
  17. yes ikr But I think its is just to balance things since priests with ultimate gear can reach much more than 1k healing boost
  18. AIon 7.0

    I like Beritra but I think he already played his role in this game. He avenged Aspu when he decided not to help Tiamat back in 3.x, he destroyed a lot of maps and planned a big invasion into Atreia. (Aslo, for me, Aspu was just trivia content, not a story worth of spotgliths) It would be much more interesting if Beritra begged for help to Ereshkigal heal his wound, and then she destroyed him with the blink of an eye. She was imprisoned for an "eternity" in DD and was only released to die once for all. MEH. The entire 4.x patch was about Beritra fooling the Daevas to break the seals and release Ereshkigal from DD. But, he wans't trying to help her, he wanted to enslave her and use its magnificent powers for his own will... and now this. The entire Ereshkigal lore is about her ressurection and fall, nothing more than this, like she added nothing to the game (except the total destruction of Reshant and other old maps. ) Very underwhelming.
  19. Chanters are fabulous on 6.x patch. I've never saw NCsoft giving so much love to this classe before, except for the Protection Ward on 5.x Era who was extremely amazing! Cleansing Spell was amazing on 6.0 because it used to dispel Fear and Sleep. Even the nerfed version we got on 6.2 is powerful. Rejuvenating Spell is the most OP heal over time this game ever faced, even on 6.5 with its cooldown increased to 12s this skill will shine bright
  20. the accuracy on WoI was a mistake and they corrected I think. Now Instigation gives more
  21. hm? not sure A single wings tuning gives you 110+ healing boost bonus wich means almost 11% on healing I've got 600+ on my chanter and its a whooping boost for Rejuvenating Spell. It heals almost 30k of all group members and can be perma spammed. Splendor of Recovery is crying right now
  22. AIon 7.0

    you mean... they used the same sprites? or the place IS located on tiamaranta?
  23. AIon 7.0

    I really dislike the way the plot is going. Ereshkigal is the most wise among all dragon lords, also her powers are on par with Fregion's. She simply CAN'T be fooled or played by Beritra and his - not even genius - tricks Ereshkigal was my favorite dragon lord. I was expecting more lore content based on her story, life AND ALSO SOME interaction between her and Fregion / or Meslamtaeda. the way she died is damn stupid for someone who is classified as the clever dragon. this is pure bullshit and the first time i think the game is going in a trashy plot line bonus: every dragon lord plot focus on dumb relics, like theyre powerful but need powercreep sources... really?
  24. P2W much?

    this is the dumbest reply i saw in the entire thread. So silly. NCwest have to investigate what hapenned or at least tell the truth about this... Some GM is breaking the EULA or there is a very specific secret event runing on EK lol how bout u gtfo?
  25. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 21, 2018

    @Cyan the flag that marks an item as PVP or PVE are no more showing up on the gear window, but it was on the first and second week of 6.2 This is a minor problem but i thinks its a nice thing to have back