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  1. Hyperion gunslinger (gunner) armor.

    Oh! I didn't know about that! I have a gunslinger so reallllly want that armor on her. Thank you so much for info! Otherwise i can always try farming so i get it for my ranger aswell. Heheh.
  2. Thank you, Aly, for the response. Sorry it took me so long to notice this but i'm still new in the forum and couldn't find my post. And then i noticed a number up to the right on the page and here i am Not sure if i am answering this in the correct place but i hope so. I found out what i needed to do to get my kill number done, same with the loot. I have gotten some other gear now instead of the Ebonscale thingys. It's a petty though because i only needed one more part for complete set. I'm a bit shy when it comes to playing with others. I know i don't play well and i see people disliking "noobs" and bad players in the chat all the time. So not encouraging to try to go for dungeons if it needs 2 or more people to do them.. At least i have joined a legion resently that seems friendly so might ask them for help with these dungeons. Anyway. Thank you so much for your response
  3. Is it possible to still get the Hyperion gunslinger armor? I was hunting some mobs with my ranger and suddenly i got something called "heartwave mystic breeches" that looks like the gunslinger armor version of Hyperion leather armor (tho in a bit different color). I have always wanted that armor set but didn't get it before the big changes when we got to 6.0.. So i was happily surprised when i found these pants. I stayed to farm more mobs and after 4-5 hours i got boots. But they weren't matching the leggings... The bootname is "heartwave boots". No "mystic" in the name. Could that be why i didn't get matching shoes to the leggings? I will keep hunting these mobs and maybe i will find more of that armor. I really hope it's still possible to get that armor set.
  4. There is NO junk loot from mobs in Lakrum. At least for me. While i am in a group i see the typical blue glow that means there is loot but the glow is empty. I only get loot from Bosses like Critica and the like. Named monsters out in the world. I would like to get the sets i started getting after 6.0 (volcanic and ebonscale) but since no loot = none of those either. I have been well-rested (100% on the energy of repose) and still no loot at all. I have problems getting Lugbug things done even tho the mobs are same lvl as myself. Like today : i have gotten 6/50 in "defeat 50 monsters in the field". I also have gotten 1/3 in "carry out 3 quests". I have killed 80 mobs. And done 8 quests that are not event related. Please help.
  5. Plastic Surgery Ticket

    I noticed there are new hairdos to chose from. And i can't find any Plastic Surgery Tickets. I hope it's a bug...