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  1. Prestige and Quality

    It is almost time for you to think about the things you plan to include in the game, how it is possible that the prestigious daily gift can be obtained in the store in the production window. It is time to offer the services for which people pay ... It is time for you to wake up and put in new content, you still have a community which has hope that the aion returns to its GOLD time
  2. Etium and Ridium

    How is it possible that they add a new material that we must look for from the beginning and place an NPC that makes the change of the new material pass to the old one that we will no longer use in this new beginning?
  3. Invisible Ranger

    Thanks for your opinion.
  4. Invisible Ranger

    Having a time of use does not imply that you make the skill useless when you use it
  5. Invisible Ranger

    I do not agree that there is an item which can see the rangers in their state of invisibility
  6. Solo tenemos que darle el tiempo, Recién hicieron el cambio irán notando eso de apoco, porque por mas que uno diga ellos lo aran cuando le de su gana .