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  1. EC rewards bugged?

    Not sure if it's supposed to be like that now or what, but I didn't get anything after losing in EC. Wth? No AP, no Etium, nothing. Unfortunately I was so sad trying to figure out wth had happened that I forgot to take a SS. Did it happen to someone else?
  2. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    I have it saved on my PC. I'm uploading it right now and I'll send you a PM with the Google Drive link.
  3. EC rewards bugged?

    If it didn't bother you, you wouldn't make a forum post about me doing it. I wasn't complaining about it. You were. See the difference?
  4. EC rewards bugged?

    Feels good to NOT being you then. Because I don't give a rats ass about leaving. And if no one kicks me, then I'll take the loss and queue again (yes I've been resetting with luna). Get used to it or make your own alliances.

    Oh shiet! Wonder what are they going to do about people abusing this. And I hope they do something.

    What?! If you get kicked you get no rewards... Just the CD back. Or am I missing something?
  7. EC rewards bugged?

    Yeah... Its just that it was so close to ending, like 200 points, and I was alt tabbed! The thing is it showed me the rewards window with no prizes when I brought up the game window. That's why I was triggered! But yes, as I have no prestige pass I ask for people to kick me if it's a sure loss from start and I'm not ashamed of that at all.
  8. EC rewards bugged?

    NVM I might have been kicked!
  9. Coin of challenge

    It's intended. You only get Life Cubibles if I'm not mistaken. Stigma Enchantment can be bought from the GST using Ingots.
  10. Vandal Stigma Build

    This is what I will have. After the 7.2 balance patch I'll be switching the heal (they are making lasers trigger every 1s instead of 0.3s as it is now) for the dispell stigma which will be on a reduced CD (20s) and it will remove 1 debuff every 3 seconds for 10 seconds or something like that. https://aiondb.ru/tools/stigmabuild/1474/?lid=en
  11. New map too big for NA aion

    is there a possibility of that information being wrongly displayed in the zonemap file? Because the maps feels HUGE if compared to any other map!
  12. Vandal Stigma Build

  13. Daevanion Skills

    Yeah. Before 7.0 it was kinda easy to get daevanions. At least it was for me because I have 8 characters at 80 and I did BoS shugo runs in all of them weekly. Now it's kinda easier to do it because all you have to do is enter IDD with alts and wait a few seconds to see if the shugo spawns or not. The thing is we had 4 runs (or 5 with prestige) for each character, and now we only have 1 (or 2 with prestige). I'll see how it goes for my Vandal as I have a few IDD reset scrolls left! This please!
  14. 7.0 titles

    Wow. That is a good title indeed. About time they added some useful title. I'll be getting it on my alts as my main already has Prestigious Adept.
  15. Returning Player - Should I Sub/Prestige Pack or not?

    As others have mentioned, the game is totally free to play. Prestige increases your progression by about 35%, though. The extra drop rate and the extra entries to instances are awesome. That being said, I'm not using prestige right now and I can already tell that it has slowed my progression. It depends on how hardcore you are. It's working for me right now, but I might renew prestige next month. Will see!
  16. 7.0 titles

    Stats please?
  17. Fixing AD in 7.0

    I blame the game's design for that. I, for once, rarely run away (compeltely) from PVP, but there are some situations that are not even fun. In some cases I don't even try to run away anymore because I know that I'll get 4 shot. Sure, I just rerolled Vandal and I'm still in full ancient (do not have prestige nor the time to do everything that the game offers atm) but when a spell that is supposed to deal 15k damage deals 1.5k and the player has nearly 60k HP, then yeah, not fun. The gear gap has always been a problem in Aion, since launch, but from the point I stopped playing in 4.x to 6.x, man! 4.x was heaven if compared to now regarding gear gap. Sure you would deal 20%, maybe 30% less damage, which was already a huge gap, but right now you deal 90% less damage. On top of that, NA, as always, has nerfed our progression in 7.0 by nerfing Altars vulnerability (from 2 times to once a day) and siege from everyday to every other day. So, yeah! YAY NA!!!
  18. @Cyan - Transformation System

    @Cyan can we have a word if this is being discussed at least?
  19. 7.0 titles

    Useful ones? None. You need to either buy Aion's Chosen or Prestigious Adept.
  20. Kromede's Trial NPC bugged

    Hmmmm. I might have done the dungeon before maintenance then and I'm confusing the days. It is very likely tbh. LOL
  21. Kromede's Trial NPC bugged

    Mina was an AT too. It was at lvl 22. I got the quest and entered the dungeon without any problem.
  22. Kromede's Trial NPC bugged

    Maybe this is only for new characters? Because I had a lvl 22 and I leveled it yesterday to 30 for the event and I had no problems doing Kromede's Trial.
  23. Leveling too hard ? too easy ?

    Any game that is born with that will be dead before you can spell Bless Online.
  24. Fixing AD in 7.0

    It will lead to a compeltely AFK Dredgion. What did you think? That you would get fully geared and then the ancient-geared players would want to fight you? LAWL. That's the price you pay for being hardcore. You have maybe 10 players that are somewhat of a challenge, the others you are going to 4 shot. Great, huh?
  25. They do listen to feedback...

    Probably crafted equipment. And if this is true, then I'll be wearing crafted equipment on the following patches, because it will be infinitely easier to enchant trading to alts.