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  1. OBS studio should works fine if you want to record stuff. Probably going to take them awhile to get Aion internal video recording work with our client.
  2. The "Instance Groups" tab is basically a cross-server group which you will do instances with people from another server. You need to go to the entrance of the instance, click on it and select "Gather allies" or whatever it said on the 2nd option. From there, it will pop up the "Instance Group" window, you can select and apply to group normally at that point. If you use SHIFT+V and go to "Instance Groups", all your option will just stay disabled.
  3. You can do malachite/sun quartz box, just don't touch the elyos/asmo NPC. That's how me and my legionmates did and we still get double loot.
  4. It is possible to kill the boss, although in general the people who has beaten the 40th floor are geared to begin with. There are videos on youtube you can watch to see how they did it. Good luck mate.
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