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  1. I'm normally not 1 to complain however ... These enchantment rates during this enchanting event SUCK. I spend $20 to get the 10 Stigma Enchantment Stone Bundle. I have 6 stigmas all +9 already 1 - Stigma 1 -Fail 2 - Stigma 2 -Success +10 3 - Stigma 3 - Fail 4 - Stigma 4 - Fail 5 - Stigma 5 - Fail 6- Stigma 6 - Fail 7 - Stigma 1 - Fail 8 - Stigma 3 - Fail 9 - Stigma 4 - Fail 10 - Stigma 5 - Fail So i spent $20 to enchant 1 +9 stigma to +10, Basically 10% success rate ... This does not seem like an "Enchantment Event" this seems like a "Money Grab" eve
  2. Well not really, I still think Sorc are OP, it's all about the Daevanion Skills ... you have to GET those skills and work on your Cubic's ... those stats will help you regardless of GEAR or Accessories or Weapons ... Max them out, buy them on broker, run to the instance when they pop, super important, I don't think people realize how important Cubic's are to your characters stats and survival in the game. Fear is still important, SM has become more important in group but less as effective solo I believe, also always have your pet out ... your pet is important in your survival!
  3. We can FUSE ARMOR NOW !!! Just Kidding ... Your best bet is to fuse the 2 highest SpellBooks or Orbs you can get your hands on. For PVP vs PVE there is no difference in the weapon stats honestly. MB and MA is the same across the board on both weapons for PVP or PVE. The Major difference is in your Armor and Accessories for "PVP Specifically" - Inquisitor vs Vindicator Inquisitor gives you Evasion Stat vs Vindicator gives you Physical Def Stat. If you want RNG in PVP fight go Inquisitor, if you want a stat that helps you survive in PVP go Vindicator Thats th
  4. Don't Kick a Kitten !!! Totally agree with you @Aly-DN ... it's a business ...
  5. Realized I started this conversation with my Templar ... LOL ... This is my SM ... and I am a SM Main ... So, GEAR, Accessories, Manastones, SKILLS, Stigmas, let's talk about it all in 6.2 !!!
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