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  1. Give back my boxes thieves, because even though I play this game for 8 years you won't see me online anymore !!!
  2. Dear NSOFT, do I need an ophthalmologist? I've done a lot of Garden of Growth already and still can't see the [Event] Instance Dungeon Bonus Entry Selection Scroll. Can You help me ?
  3. Where is Tartus ? [url=https://imgbb.com/][img]https://i.ibb.co/J2rhgMM/Aion0057.jpg[/img][/url]
  4. Dear Nsoft, I would like to ask you to lower the <Experience Extractor> price and that instead of 175 million exp they cost 32 million exp. I motivate my request with high demand for <Experience Extractor> in Update 7.7. Also, new players will get nothing by earning a maximum of 8 per week. The <Experience Extractor> price will lead to bankruptcy. Secondly, I ask that all of Demah's WB arrive at the same time so that everyone has a chance to win the prize, not just Team Para, Clarity and One who treat the rest as irrelevant players in aionie. Thank you very much and I expect
  5. You need upload ur image https://pl.imgbb.com/ and u need BBCode: copy it and insert it into the post
  6. Unfortunately, I agree ... they give the child a 100 dollar lollipop, and he is happy about it, how embarrassing it is
  7. Of course, 90% of ulti trans .. they got p2w, of course, even though others also tried. You are embarrassing, and the last event you can put yourself into ..... 1.Playing this game has become depressing, 2. nothing can be done .. just count your own deaths, 3. no balance in the game ..., 4. I'm not going to give you all my wages. 5. The owners of this game have become way too greedy and have ruined this beautiful game
  8. Is there any news about fun-destroying delays? I ask because I think more and more about saying goodbye to NSOFT. Their policy is extremely unreasonable. The balance between p2w and the rest of the players has been clearly upset. The motto pay and murder begins to annoy 90% of players.
  9. I have this same probem. NSOFT WAKE UP, many ppl cant login!!
  10. 1.Enough! of events p2w 2. We need more exp!!! I don't remember when I saw a good event for active players.
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