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  1. I have spend a few thousands on this game, I want a refund AION, You guys cannot even help the players who spend money to support you guys, I want my money back!!!, You stole money from us and not giving on the crafted results!!!, BS, We WILL QUIT AND NOT SUPPORT YOUR GAME NO MORE!!!! WHEN A LOYAL PLAYER SPEND MONEY< YOU NEED TO GIVE US THE RESULT WE'VE ASK FOR, BUT NOOO!!! You nyerkING FAIL US ON PURPOSE!!!!!
  2. RIp Aion. Sins < Ranger no hard feelings. I could careless If I lose, I gain nothing so do you gain nothing as well. We are suppose to fight.
  3. Bring back PVP Aion, Remove these stupid instance that don't even involve pvp. Should invest in killing each other in the 100000!!!!, I payed too much for a dumb ass game that can't even get people to pvp, 1. They all scared or suck? 2. They love to fight a stupid boss that is not even challenging..!!!!
  4. The issue here is that they will not bring more PVP reward. if they do more people will pvp.
  5. We need more pvp, more rewards for pvp, this game nyerking sucks now. when doing world boss, everyone applies, when doing pvp on world map, no ones appears to be interested, why Because people suck? or just not enough rewards or results? This game is really Retarded. AION fix this madness, take away those instances where if you afk you get no reward. and if you don't kill people dailies you also loses your chances of winning. that way it will encourage (ALL) to pvp. this game is PVP, no some stupid kids trying to kill a dumb boss for a stupid reward when it should be from people.!!!!!
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