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  1. @cyan

    • Characters on accounts who were inadvertently actioned despite having used Luna to offset their additional entries were also sent these rewards.

    So i was "actioned" because i maybe had 4-6 extra entries that i was unable top spend luna on while during this time period if i wasn't kicked i spent luna to do 4-6 entries a week.  When i was given a 24hour suspension over this i felt that given the lack of interaction in this game from you guys and the way the email was worded i didn't dispute it and figured whatever, nothing will change. 

    Does this bullet in your post mean people who did what i did are automatically in this bucket or did i have to actually complain at the time?  If you went through the logs on my account every time i was able to spend luna i did and would have for the runs i was unable to spend luna on..I even bought luna just for this purpose and was obviously unable to spend what i would have liked to. 


  2. maybe it's just my bad RNG luck...but it seems that it is much worse to enchant a stigma to 9 since the patch.  I just went through 50 stones and (3 stigmas) to take a stigma from 7 to 9..and ended back at 7 at the end..at one point it got so low i used stigmas to enchant cause it didn't seem worth it to go from 1-2...with a stone.  out of all the success and failures i only had 3 remains the same and none greater than 1 on the success.  I can't even imagine what it would look like to get to 15..

  3. All Cyan does is post weekly post, respond to 1-2 irrelevant posts.  lock a few other posts and poof gone cya Tuesday night, rinse and repeat.  I wish I could just work 30 min a week.  Isn't the job of the community manager to "interact" with the community?  bottom line is no one should be surprised at this point it's crickets on just about anything the majority of the players are asking for answers about.

  4. Is it just me or do the drop rates seem really bad compared to prior to the server wide buffs?  I've been farming for crafting mats to make more fragments and while last few weeks were good ive noticed that the drop rates seem to be worse than before.  Last few weeks with server wide buff were great but now its hard to justify any time for farming...

  5. something must be broken since this last patch or the one before it..I've enchanted many pieces of gear all the way up to ultimate on a few.  This week i started working on replacing some of my crafted gear and have failed 150 ancient stones trying to get my ancient earrings from 10-15 to upgrade them to legendary.  In many cases i would fail 12-13 times in a row at 10 just to go to 11.  IT felt worse than 6.0.  I tried the same thing on a different toon and had very similar results. I've also tried enchanting legendary to 15 to upgrade some items and have seen failures as well like others are posting and the failures do seem to be worse than i experienced a few weeks ago.

  6. So something seems up, I just spent 150 ancient stones trying to get my ancient earings to 15..got to 14 only 3 times and failed all 3.  This reminded me of how it was..im talking ancient gear here and i get that for legendary and ancient the rates haven't changed...