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  1. Its RNG. I did 30 BoS runs 2 weeks ago and got 0 shugos. Last week i did 35 runs and got 5 golden shugos and 3 normal shugos.
  2. You know what we really need? The option to trade itens again, so we don't have to put it on broker in order to give it to someone else, then auto buy bots will be useless. What's the point of blocking trade from almost everything in the game if you can still broker it? Is NC just trying to find ways for people to create new types of bots or something? Its dumb. About farming bots, i don't think there will ever be a solution to it. I mean, even P2P games have it, but NC could atleast do a mass ban once in a while. The ''Suspected bot'' is awesome too, i remember that option but didn't
  3. But when the pvp is challenging ( aka 1v1) you run until your crew come to rescue you and then all the challenge you want so much, is gone. Practice what you preach sir.
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