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  1. Monster Hunt Challenge

    No guys, only the one who getting it is the one who make the 25.000th blow, 853k divided in 25k is ... yeah 34... it s a lottery if u wanna kill mobs
  2. Meanwhile in GF ice block/ ice pick event...https://cmsstatic.aion.gameforge.com/Misc/Rewards_SummerEvent_en.pdf
  3. Scheduled Game Update - August 21, 2019

    Maintenance delayed 1hour more, well, nothing new
  4. KT turn to down ? o-o

    Not a single word of the situation on twitter or forum, no clue
  5. Suspicious coincidences

    On asmo side, if you go pandaemonium, there are 2 bots ever 24hrs, i guess they are broker sniper or bots with some script on it